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How Do You Know Which Men Are “programmed” to Cheat?

Question by !: How do you know which men are “programmed” to cheat?
Okay, so my best friend has a baby with the guy she’s been dating fo rliek three years, and they are moving in together and everything. The thing is, he has cheated on her three times. And had sex with other people when they were separated, “but he still loved her”.

So, I think he’s a piece of crap, and most importantly, an unfit father. She’s just one of those people who can’t let go because I think she believes that no one else will want her since she’s so young with a child.

LONG STORY SHORT, I want to give her some proof that “once a cheater, always a cheater” because he HAS NOT changed, she’s just in denial.

So, if anyone can give me any info whatsoever, like web links, scientific blogs, etc., that lists or states any evolutionary or genetic reasons why some mean really do cheat “forever”, I would appreciate it.

I don’t really know much about the whole deal, I’m Christian so first of all, my husband and I are monogamous, and second, I don’t really believe in evolution, in the most common sense. But I don’t care, I will show her anything that seems legit.

Or, even if you just have a personal story about being cheated on several times by the same person, share that as well, and I’ll show her this post.

Don’t bother answering if you have something to say like “you’re stupid for being a Christian” or “it’s normal to cheat” or “just leave her alone it’s none of your business”. Because I disagree and I will flag you. 🙂

So anyone who does want to help, thanks in advance!
But that’s the thing, I have been here for her when she did it the first time, and honestly, she is about to lose ME as a friend.

Not the other way around. I just want her to have a better life than this.

Oh and um, other chick, it is my business, she’s my best friend.

Best answer:

Answer by Seth
Lack of morals, in both men and women.

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