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Do You Feel This Is as Unethical as I Do?

Question by : Do you feel this is as unethical as I do?
I personally have been to Kevin Downing office for MFT counseling on several occasions. After what I felt were a little too off beat comments about my sexuality and my relationship with God and the love of my life. The innuendos he exhibited seemed to be a nonstandard form of therapy. They certainly made me and my spouse a little uncomfortable. But his comments about her figure and being sexually attractive were just a little over the top on patient doctor relationship. Especially since we were not there for sexual difficulties in our relationship. After that incident, I thought that I would go back and check a little deeper on his qualifications, professionalism and credentials. Here is my first person experience and effort put into finding the answers to.

If you’re interested in my findings then read on and if not, I sincerely wish you good luck. I always found that when someone is hiding something, their answers don’t stand up to serious questioning and they attack you for asking,

DR KEVIN D. DOWNING claims 100% client satisfaction. Well if you don’t read closely you will think he and his therapy has a fantastic 100% success rate! When I confronted him about it, he said it was my fault that I miss read it and that everything he said is true from his point of view AND It was my fault for not paying close attention.

The REAL FACT IS THIS : he claims “100% current client satisfaction” Well what about all the clients he didn’t help or failed to help or didn’t like him, or and or and or… SEE WHAT I MEAN. THIS WAS VERY MISLEADING for my and my spouse.

According to Willard Harley, Jr., Ph.D. a Licensed Psychologist and author. states the following, “In fact, I learned that marital therapy had the lowest success rate of any form of therapy” (REALITY IS less than 25%)

Dr. Downing’s Ads and web site CLEARLY make it appear that his Brand of Therapy Succeeds! but when requested to prove his claims of success, his answer is NO, because its confidential he claims.

I find that this BREACH of honesty is unconscionable. THERE IS NOTHING MORE WRONG then too take advantage of someone who is scared, hurt, and / or vulnerable. A few more things I found to be questionable are as follows
#1: The PhD Dr. Downing claims he has an accredited PhD, (so far, it’s been unverifiable for me), and the only PhD program that is offered by the College on his doctorate certificate is one that is purchased on line. Normally a dissertation for a PhD is available for verification, but in this case it is not. Again that appears to be Shady.

#2: He claims 100% of his “present” (key word) Clients refer him. That’s a misleadingly false statement, as I am one that would not, and know of others who would not either. So since we will not recommend him, and have left his counseling, we are no longer a current Client right! LOL see the trickery of his manipulative words. Again this appear Shady to me.

#3:: He Claims to have over 26,000 hours of Counseling Experience, WHAT does Counseling Experience really mean, what is “HIS” definition of Counseling Experience. IF its anything like the other misleading statements listed above, it could be anything for going to the bath room to clinical janitor duties. One just does not know for sure, and when I asked, I got a side step answer from him and this time his tone was angry “That I could be assured it was Counseling Experience” Again this was a Shady answer for me. I called the Dept of Psychology at USC and asked them what the clinical definition was for Counseling Experience. They told me it is ambiguous term that can mean anything the person wants it to be.

#4: Take a minute or two and do some math. Divide the number of hours in a year (365 days) into 26,000 hrs; and it will appear that it is almost humanly impossible to work that many hours per day for 20 plus years nonstop.

SO THESE STATEMENTS ABOVE APPEARED TO ME, TO BE FALSE AND/OR MISLEADING! My sincere question to you all is this, WOULD YOU TRUST ANYTHING from someone you believe is misleading you? It is my understanding that misleading someone on purpose for personal benefit is the same as lying. Not a Godly trait, at least in my book it’s not. God Bless and Good luck.

Psalms 101:7, “He that worketh deceit shall not dwell within my house: he that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight.”

Jeremiah 23:14, “I have seen also in the prophets of Jerusalem an horrible thing: they commit adultery, and walk in lies:”

UPDATE 05/30/2012 DR Downing and my now ex spouse got together and decided that i was hurting Dr Downing. Gosh I wonder why, she is so interested in Dr Downing’s emotional state? AND Why he would confer with her instead of me directly, as he has my phn # ? It may appear to be just another suspecte

Best answer:

Answer by tj
A lot of misters like to call themselves doctors, but they’re only pretending.

Googled out of curiosity and I see there is a KJD who is a PhD working internationally and I see no evidence that KD in fullerton is a doctor. If he can’t write a prescription, he’s not a doctor.

In the absence of high quality instruction, training and supervision at the doctoral level, KD is just one of many who decides that he is going to counsel couples without really knowing what he’s doing. The fact that he makes inappropriate comments is just not that surprising.

This is the significance of checking out any private therapist before and assessing your impressions after the first session. (Take a close look at the certificates and diplomas)

Flirting is a red flag that KD is not able to be professional in the therapeutic setting. Have you discovered which regulatory body oversees his type of ‘practice’?

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