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Army Counseling, “Magic Bullet”?

Question by Obviously Racist Mel Gibson: Army counseling, “Magic Bullet”?
I need a copy of the “Magic Bullet” for my counseling, thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by C
You don’t need it. Talk to any JAG officer and they’ll tell you that. It is not required for any UCMJ action or separation from the military. So all those NCO’s who say it is required for all counseling statements are wrong. A service member just has to be told the stuff in the “magic bullet” and they get that at legal when they get recommended for that stuff.

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TV first channel– Local Melitopol TV interview about Counseling School


Staying Safe: Debt counseling can help, but be careful

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Marital Counseling


Marital Counseling – Ms. Jackie Johnson, well known author in the field of relationships, and facilitator of numerous groups assisting individ…


It's My Job: Mike Hillerman, Christian counselor

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So I started reflecting on what I wanted out of life, and I remembered how helpful marriage counseling had been to me and my wife. It was something that actually made a difference, and that's what I wanted to do – make a difference. I quit my job in …
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Fundamental flaws in the Synod on the Family

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In India, Catholics in interfaith marriages are made to feel that they have done something wrong. Parish priests censure the Catholic partner making it difficult to approach the Church for marriage counseling. And of course, the marriage is not a …
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What Can a “Marriage Counselor” Do to Improve Your Sex Life?

Question by Joe B: What can a “marriage counselor” do to improve your sex life?
I always read here about people recommending “marriage couseling” for a variety of problems ranging from not getting enough sex to wanting sex from somebody else.

Is this guy some kind of miracle worker? What exactly can he/she do for you?

Best answer:

Answer by CamelToe Gourmet
They all do the same thing – he or she will tell you that you should be nicer, wash the dishes and stuff, and expect less, and then tell her that maybe she should be less grouchy when she’s turns you down, and that she should be very specific about when she wants you to do the dishes so there’s no confusion…

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Gottman Method Pre-Marital Counseling With Lisa Lund, MFT


Gottman Method Pre-Marital Counseling with Lisa Lund, MFT – Lisa Lund, CRC, MFT – a Marriage Counselor and Certified Gottman Couples Therapist trained directly by Dr. John and Julie Gottman at the Gottman Institute – …


20 young couples in Kiangan undergo premarriage counseling

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KIANGAN, Ifugao, Feb.12 (PIA)- – The Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office(MSWDO) conducted pre-marriage counseling to 20 young couples in this town this month providing an opportunity for them to to explore the dynamics of their partnership …
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Chattanooga Wedding Minister Signals "New Game in Town" for Couples

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Ramsey says he does NOT require couples to complete premarital counseling as a condition of officiating their weddings. However, he does offer premarital counseling on voluntary basis, should the couple request it. Rev. Ramsey also offers the following …
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Mental Health, Substance Abuse Counseling in Cynthiana KY 41031


Mental Health, Substance Abuse Counseling in Cynthiana KY 41031 – Deborah Spicer, LCSW, CADC specializes in substance abuse counseling and marriage counseling in Cynthiana, KY and surrounding cities. Deborah Spicer, LCSW, C…


Physchotherapist examines link between child abuse and alcoholism

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If you think alcohol is a problem, a 28-day Minnesota Model treatment program gives good results. Golay mentions Faith Based Treatment (, and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration ( …
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The dangerous zone between a halfway house and freedom

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The place was clean (everyone scrubbed the house down at 7 a.m. sharp one Saturday a month), and Steve, who was studying to be a substance abuse counselor at Brooklyn College, could afford the rent with a public assistance housing allowance of $ 215 …
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Has Anyone Been Through Marriage Counseling?

Question by summer: has anyone been through marriage counseling?
what were some of your issues…and did it work for you???? what type of a counselor did you see? thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Tomsdottir
Yes I have – couple counseling. It helped in the sense that when I decided to ask for a divorce, I was at peace with the decision, knowing that I had done my very best to keep the relationship alive.

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Tyler Perry’s Temptation- Confessions of a Marriage Counselor (2013) – Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor (2013) online y en descarga directa Mas en tu web de peliculas, serie…


One out of five Pinoy marriages is annulled

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