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North Atlanta Christian Counseling Services


North Atlanta Christian Counseling Services – North Atlanta Christian Counseling Services, in Roswell, Georgia, helps individuals to identify the difficult stressors and other challenging circumstances a…


Counseling good, even if it seems destined to fail

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However, he has basically stated that when marriage counseling fails (not if), "I give up." We have kids and we love each other, we just can't seem to live together right now. Am I wasting my time saving a relationship that he sees as doomed …
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Chhattisgarh's teenage girls proclaim love, police in dilemma

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As the case comprises of minor girls and homosexuality, the girls have been handed over to child welfare committee and are now undergoing counseling, in charge of Raigarh Kotwali RK Mishra told Times Of India. Narrating the story, Mishra said the case …
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Marriage Counseling: Arouse Romance


Marriage Counseling: Arouse Romance – TOPIC: Arousing the Romantic Bond WEBSITE: HANDOUTS: You can request “The Ways We Arouse the Romantic Bond” handouts I provided by …


Soul seekers: How spiritual is secular America?

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Counseling didn't help and she'd often spend days on her couch, lost in a spiral of negative thoughts. Reflecting on this …. But it may not happen to the same degree, other scholars say, given that marriage rates are dropping (only 51 percent of …
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agony aunt

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Counseling would be a great option as its not only the physical concern but there are emotional concerns too which require immediate attention. Divorce…telling the … We have tried a lot to make our marriage work but both of us have moved on. We both …
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Is There an Effective Method for “flushing” Body Fat?

Question by Alison: Is there an effective method for “flushing” body fat?
I’m 5’0″ and weigh almost 120 lbs right now. My bra size is 34 DD, and I’m hoping that losing weight will shrink my bust a little bit. I do jog regularly and I am in decent physical shape, but I don’t want to add much more muscle tone to my figure. I’d love to lose fat from my bust, abdominal, and thigh areas. Is there anything I can do that doesn’t involve diet pills or body building? Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Lauren
bike riding… makes u slimmer all over

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Helping Kids Cope with Pet Loss : Pet Loss Counseling for Kids: Helping Dying Pets – Is your family pet dying? Get tips for letting your kids help dying pets in this free video clip about coping with pet loss for children. Expert: Denise Urba…

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Is a Very Treatable Illness


Alcohol and Drug Addiction is a Very Treatable Illness – Disease and Illness In this two minute video Glynis Read Head of Training at Castle Craig talks about a wide range of issues including emotional development …


How Can I Be Myself if I Don't Know Who I am?

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When you crawl across the barren landscape of surviving, you're ravenous. When someone offers you sustenance, you either treat it like an oasis or devour it and beg for more. We're never sure how to be. Then our therapist and other well meaning people …
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Buy viagra online without prescription uk

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… Professional Board of HypnotherapyCMAT ? Certified Eating Disorder Therapist certified by International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Therapists (IITAP)CSAC ? Certified Substance Abuse CounsellorCSAM ? Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine?
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“The Wonderful Counselor”?

Question by 1 of a kind!: “The Wonderful Counselor”?
I need some examples from the Bible in which Jesus was a “Wonderful Counselor” (Isaiah 9:6). Thanks in advance.

Best answer:

Answer by abby987
Matthew chapters 5 to 7, the Sermon on the Mount which contains counsel for daily life; Revelation chapters 2 & 3 where he writes letters of counsel to the congregations; Matthew 18:1-4 the counsel he gave the apostles when they were arguing about who was greatest.

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Proud father and a Orlando Family Counselor supports his son – Dr. Bill Singer at and a Orlando Family Counselor who provides Orlando Marriage Counseling and Orlando Family Counseling says “One more goa…


Former Banks School District counselor reprimanded for failing to report

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I’ve Come to the Conclusion That I Need Maritial Counseling but I Can’t Afford It Right Now and My Spouse?

Question by Tigerlily: I’ve come to the conclusion that I need maritial counseling but I can’t afford it right now and my spouse?
probably wouldn’t participate in it anyway. So what can I do to improve things in my marriage? Is there a website or book I could read? Are there just some general things I could do? Ultimately I would like to go for counseling, but I don’t see it happening within the next few months, and I’m ready for some things to change right now.

Best answer:

Answer by Michelle
All I can say is GOOD LUCK! Some of my husbands habits also drive me nuts and we too can’t get to marriage counseling, and he wouldn’t go if we could… So, I am on that boat sister! Michelle

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