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I’ve Come to the Conclusion That I Need Maritial Counseling but I Can’t Afford It Right Now and My Spouse?

Question by Tigerlily: I’ve come to the conclusion that I need maritial counseling but I can’t afford it right now and my spouse?
probably wouldn’t participate in it anyway. So what can I do to improve things in my marriage? Is there a website or book I could read? Are there just some general things I could do? Ultimately I would like to go for counseling, but I don’t see it happening within the next few months, and I’m ready for some things to change right now.

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Answer by Michelle
All I can say is GOOD LUCK! Some of my husbands habits also drive me nuts and we too can’t get to marriage counseling, and he wouldn’t go if we could… So, I am on that boat sister! Michelle

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