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Living Through the Loss of a Child


Living through the Loss of a Child – When Mary’s oldest son was murdered for the rims on his car, the sadness she felt was enough to pull her completely under. Only by refusing to give in to dep…


On National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, a Mother With a

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Unlike the terms “widow” and “orphan,” no one word describes a woman who has lost a child. Without a simple term, the loss often goes unsaid. Unless you wear a T-shirt emblazoned with your children's names or tattoo them on your wrist, you rarely speak …
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Man kills self after death of young son

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Do You Support the Reconciliation Process in Australia?

Question by Zucchinisinratatouille: Do you support the reconciliation process in Australia?
I feel that relations between Indigenous Australians (Aborigines) and other Australians need to be set on a positive footing so that our country can have a peaceful, harmonious, and above all just society.

The first step is to acknowledge the damage done to the Aboriginal peoples by the invasion by the British in 1788, and the consequent and subsequent hurtful events. This includes the occupation of their traditional lands, the destruction of habitat, and the removal (for whatever motivation) of children from Aboriginal parents.

The symbolic gesture we are being asked to take is simply to say “sorry”, not to acknowledge personal guilt, but to say “We acknowledge your existence, your humanity, and your loss, and we share your grief”.

Will you join me in this gesture by asking our next Federal Government, whichever party wins, to say sorry? You can do this by clicking this link:

Tara Support


tara support


Highland Hospital to host remembrance ceremony

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The Highland Hospital Family Maternity Center and Face2Face, a local support group for parents who have suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss, will partner to host a remembrance ceremony at 1 p.m. on June 8 at Highland Park in Rochester.
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Cardinal skipping BC ceremony over abortion issue

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BOSTON — Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley said Friday that he won't attend Boston College's graduation because the Jesuit school's commencement speaker, Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, supports legislation to permit abortion. The bill allows abortion if …
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Birth trauma inspired me to open pregnancy clinic, says Marina Fogle

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COMPLICATED GRIEF – A NJ Mother Shares Her Grief After Losing A Child Joining CBS 2’s Cindy Hsu are Stephanie Muldberg and Dr Katherine Shear.


A Local Non-Profit Seeks to Break the Silence about Pregnancy and Infant Loss

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'Grieving the loss of a child is often referred to as 'silent grief' because it's not socially recognized,” said Sarah. Since then, TEARS has helped more than 4,500 families across 13 states. “While The TEARS Foundation seeks to compassionately support …
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Views From The Left

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But here is the truth I have known since I was a child, innocent of any loss that would eventually come my way: no matter how hard evil tries, good always wins in the end. Always. Ask the Nazis. Ask Timothy McVeigh. Ask Osama Bin Laden. My faith in the …
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The Gravity of Infant Loss


The gravity of infant loss – Pictures from a cemetery, featuring the headstones of over 50 little angels. A tribute to all children who are gone too soon, and especially to my boys, Jaco…


Namande Laid Fertile Ground for Naguru Women Entrepreneurs

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That time, there was no nursery school in the area, so the local authorities handed over Naguru Infant School to her, on condition that she would develop it. Namande used part of the school as a meeting venue for women, who would come over to learn …


Michael Boysen Captured: Police Storm Oregon Motel, Arrest Fugitive Accused

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“Imagine…” Infant Loss Awareness


“Imagine…” Infant Loss Awareness – 30000 babies die from Stillbirth in the USA every year… compare that to the 2000 that die to SIDS. Causes of Infant Mortality like SIDS or Prematurity receive a tremendous amount of funding for research and support. Important support includes not only research funding but also public awareness. My daughter was a victim of both prematurity and stillbirth. I support both causes. I am however more outraged by the lack of support for stillbirth. Parents of stillborns are treated like lepers. As if their child never existed. If my baby had taken one breath and then died I would have been treated an entirely different way. Change needs to be made… And change will only come when the public is educated and OUTRAGED. Help these parents… these babies by Favoriting this video… send it to someone you know. Learn the facts.