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Do You Support the Reconciliation Process in Australia?

Question by Zucchinisinratatouille: Do you support the reconciliation process in Australia?
I feel that relations between Indigenous Australians (Aborigines) and other Australians need to be set on a positive footing so that our country can have a peaceful, harmonious, and above all just society.

The first step is to acknowledge the damage done to the Aboriginal peoples by the invasion by the British in 1788, and the consequent and subsequent hurtful events. This includes the occupation of their traditional lands, the destruction of habitat, and the removal (for whatever motivation) of children from Aboriginal parents.

The symbolic gesture we are being asked to take is simply to say “sorry”, not to acknowledge personal guilt, but to say “We acknowledge your existence, your humanity, and your loss, and we share your grief”.

Will you join me in this gesture by asking our next Federal Government, whichever party wins, to say sorry? You can do this by clicking this link:

Best answer:

Answer by DavidC
The continuing problem with “Sorry”, is that those who may say it were not born when the problems occurred.
A government can do this, but without personal involvement, what does it mean.
We acknowledge your existence, your culture, your history, your humanity, and your loss, and we share your grief”, is as far We, of these times, can do.

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