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Empty Arms 1 & 2


Empty Arms 1 & 2 – Support group for miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss from Bangor, Maine. Original broadcast on Nov. 11 & 12, 2009.


Lifetime Movie The Surrogate Is Juno Meets Misery Meets The Craziest Thing

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If you did, we should all get together for a support group. Do Sunday … His wife Allison (Annie Wersching) has had a miscarriage and ovarian cancer, and her only chance of having a child is to use a surrogate to carry the last viable embryo she has …
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Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans Enters Rehab, Again

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Not only did the Teen Mom 2 star separate from her husband, Courtland Rogers and file assault charges against him, she also suffered a miscarriage. And now, she's voluntarily checked herself into a rehab facility in Malibu, Florida to seek help. But is …

SXSW 2009 Film Trailer: Motherland


SXSW 2009 Film Trailer: Motherland – Six diverse and remarkable women, each grieving the loss of a child, travel to rural South Africa to work as volunteers in an effort to find some positive meaning in the wake of their tragedies. The group, strangers to each other before the trip began but bound by the painful experience they share, contribute to and learn from a culture that deals with mourning in a way very different from what theyre accustomed to in America. For 17 days on the other side of the world, these women cry and laugh, grieve and celebrate, and talk more openly than ever before about the kids they adored.


Helping children deal with loss

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Coping With Pregnancy & Infant Loss (The Early Months)


Coping With Pregnancy & Infant Loss (The Early Months) – This is how I got through the my child and pregnancy loss in the early months (0-6 months). In March 2008 I lost my 4 month old daughter. In November 2008 I lost my 2nd daughter to stillbirth at only 32w2d into my pregnancy.


Mother gets life sentence in infant daughter's death

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2, 2011. Dr. Joseph Zanga, the hospital pediatrics chief, said the infant's weight loss and declining health should have been obvious to the mother, whose testimony showed she left much of Alejandra's care to a 14-year-old sister. Such evidence showed …
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Father Murders Children For Food In Famine-Plagued North Korea: Report

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Infant Loss: Infant Loss – Jewelry

Losing a child is a tragedy. The emptiness and helplessness that parents feel cannot be described. For a mother, an entire part of her life has simply disappeared, with only echoes to remind her of the joy of the birth of her baby. How does anyone handle such a loss? What can you do for your friends, your wife, that can have any significance? Small, loving acts of kindness and consideration like infant loss jewelry can be part of the healing process.

To be able to talk about the baby who was here for such a short time and place in her hands to wear close to her heart a small, discrete talisman can help to bring her pain into the physical world and out of her heart to heal. Infant loss jewelry can help her focus on the love and the beauty of the blessing of this little soul. The type of necklace or bracelet, the material used, all have a special meaning. It is important that she maintain the love for her child and let the pain of loss subside.

Aren’t There Other Ways to Grieve/cope With Infant Loss?

Question by looking_for_moare: Aren’t there other ways to grieve/cope with infant loss?
I know a couple women whom have experienced infant loss. They join support groups and whatnot and have amassed large amounts of female friends whom have all lost their children. This is fine and all, but things start to approach sickening and disturbing when these women start posting pics of their dead babies on their Myspace and Facebook profiles. In most of these pics, the baby’s eyelids are all sunken in and the body’s skin is discolored and in stages of decomposition. Then they put the baby into clothes and sit it next to a teddy bear for a photo. It’s just ghastly.

Please Explain This Feeling of “LOSS” That Many of You Go on About. What Do You Mean?

Question by : Please explain this feeling of “LOSS” that many of you go on about. What do you mean?
Maybe I have another word for it or a different feeling.

I would like to understand what you have lost.

If you were adopted as an older child, I understand. You have memories. Otherwise, you have fantasies. If you were adopted as an infant, isn’t this like longing for a country that you have never visited but only heard about?

And all of you wonderful people who adopted “poor abused neglected children” who were old enough to walk and talk, this question is not to you so don’t get offended.

I am really trying to understand this. Excuse my Boston manner.

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