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Im Not Sure What to Do With My Heroin Addicted Cousin. ?

Question by : Im not sure what to do with my heroin addicted cousin. ?
So my cousin she has been clean for the past week. She called me this morning complaining that she feels like shit from the withdrawals. She convinced me to take her to get pot because she said its the only thing that helps. When we got to the dude she ran out of the car came back and said “he thought I wanted crack, not pot.” She didn’t take it she definitely bought heroin and didn’t want me to know. Anyways when I brought her back home she went into the bathroom and when she came out her forearm was completely red. Well it turns out she did the same thing to my sister last week. And now she wants my sister to drive her to her piece of shits boyfriends house in the morning. How do we tell her no without losing her and should I tell my dad? I don’t want to get in trouble for taking her to get pot.

Grief Websites for Young Adults?

Question by Flamethrower Mouth: Grief websites for young adults?
I am 25 and my father has mesothelioma and is in hospice. I am having a very hard time dealing with it and it is just my mother and I as far as family goes. My fiance is supportive but I feel like it’s too much for him to comfort me all the time. My friends have stepped down and are, I guess, ignoring the fact that this is happening to me. I would like to email or have a support group about young adults who have gone through the same thing as I am going through!! I am not a teen, but I am not old enough to just “deal with it” yet….

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Answer by Ed
Dear Flame,

Very sorry to hear about your father.
“Grief is the price we pay for love.”

Teen Eating Disorder Treatment – Advice to Other Parents – Center for Discovery


Teen Eating Disorder Treatment – Advice to Other Parents – Center for Discovery – A mother with a teen daughter dealing with an eating disorder gives her advice for parents considering residential treatment for their teen. She talks about …


Students, Counseling Center should provide group therapy for eating disorders

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Syracuse University's Counseling Center provides group counseling for a variety of issues such as stress, anxiety and drug and alcohol addictions, but it should also provide one for eating disorders. National Eating Disorder awareness week started on …
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Fair sheds light on eating disorders at University of Northern Colorado

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Why Families Need Assisted Outpatient Treatment


Why Families Need Assisted Outpatient Treatment – Family members and a consumer answer the question.


Getting Help for Heroin Abuse

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(WGGB) – Alcohol, heroin and cocaine are the addictions seen most at Holyoke Medical Center. In Massachusetts heroin is not … Depending on a patient's insurance they may then be eligible for an IOP, or intensive out-patient therapy. That will include …
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LAWRENCE: Area rezoned for detox centers, health facilities

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Behavioral health care facilities provide inpatient and outpatient services to treat victims of addictions, as well as psychiatric, psychological or other behavioral health conditions that require care on a short-term or long-term basis. Residential …
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Treating mental health issues can help justice system

Is There a Way to Kick a Marijuana Addiction Without the Resulting Depression, Mood Swings, and Other Miseries?

Question by Eric R: Is there a way to kick a marijuana addiction without the resulting depression, mood swings, and other miseries?
I know experts say that there is no such thing as a marijuana addiction, and that is JUST charming, but back in the real world, I need answers.
Every time I try to quit, I get plagued by depression and bad moods.

“…but marijuana is a depressant. You should feel better.”

Once again, a charming sentiment, but that’s just not the way things work.
I’ve lost friends, jobs, and a social life in my attempts to quit…and by “social life” I don’t mean sitting on the couch with my stoner friends. When I go without, I get so depressed that I don’t want to go anywhere. A lot of working at a job has to do with being nice to others. Whenever I try to quit, I get angry really easily. I’ve lashed out at friends, co-workers, and even customers, when otherwise I would have been very nice.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program


Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program – No one wants to experience the effects of drugs and alcohol, but they are real. They come with consequences. Sometimes, it is not until the addict goes to re…


The Anonymous People: Paterson social service program screens new film on

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There also were family members who have suffered from their loved ones' use of drugs and alcohol as well as professionals and activists trying to feed the flame of recovery. They had just watched the screening of a new independent documentary called …


"Skid Row Ricky" Sells Beer Outside Rehab Centers, But Not If Officer Deon

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