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Im Not Sure What to Do With My Heroin Addicted Cousin. ?

Question by : Im not sure what to do with my heroin addicted cousin. ?
So my cousin she has been clean for the past week. She called me this morning complaining that she feels like shit from the withdrawals. She convinced me to take her to get pot because she said its the only thing that helps. When we got to the dude she ran out of the car came back and said “he thought I wanted crack, not pot.” She didn’t take it she definitely bought heroin and didn’t want me to know. Anyways when I brought her back home she went into the bathroom and when she came out her forearm was completely red. Well it turns out she did the same thing to my sister last week. And now she wants my sister to drive her to her piece of shits boyfriends house in the morning. How do we tell her no without losing her and should I tell my dad? I don’t want to get in trouble for taking her to get pot.

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Answer by aar
First and foremost, she needs to detox at a hospital… I would get a bunch of big family members and throw her through the emergency room doors and threaten to get her arrested. In the meantime you can figure out where to send her.
Remember, if you want to get her arrested she needs to have the illegal drugs on her not just in her.

If you can’t afford to send this girl to a treatment center or she wont agree, get her arrested. That’s the only way.

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