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Grief Websites for Young Adults?

Question by Flamethrower Mouth: Grief websites for young adults?
I am 25 and my father has mesothelioma and is in hospice. I am having a very hard time dealing with it and it is just my mother and I as far as family goes. My fiance is supportive but I feel like it’s too much for him to comfort me all the time. My friends have stepped down and are, I guess, ignoring the fact that this is happening to me. I would like to email or have a support group about young adults who have gone through the same thing as I am going through!! I am not a teen, but I am not old enough to just “deal with it” yet….

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Answer by Ed
Dear Flame,

Very sorry to hear about your father.
“Grief is the price we pay for love.”

I’m sorry that I don’t know of any “young adult” bereavement support group. But I’ll look around more, and get back to you if I find one.

But since you’re hurting just anticipating your father’s death, consider joining now an online support grief group that deals with “anticipatory grief.” Here’s one that might be helpful, if you wanted to register and post to check it out:

Here’s another one which is an email dissussion group, that says it’s for those adults anticipating, as well as those grieving, the death of a parent. But I’m not sure how active it is:

Lastly, here’s an online message board just for those who have lost a parent. It appears active:

Perhaps one of these may be helpful to you.

I assume you’ve asked someone at the hospice which your father is in, if they know of any such group either in the community or online. If not, give them a try. If they say there isn’t any such group, just kindly consider advocating for others like yourself, by mentioning how you are certainly are not alone, and such a young adult group could be helpful to others if any of the hospices would consider just starting one online.

Take good gentle care of yourself,

– Ed

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