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Law School Help


Law school Help – Informative video – a high amount of law students fall into depression, substance abuse, isolation and other unhealthy life styles due to 1) the nature of la…


'Legal highs' linked to more deaths as officials struggle to track new substances

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At the National Programme on Substance Abuse Deaths (NPSAD) at St George's, University of London, we've been monitoring the rise of new psychoactive substances (NPS), including benzofurans, MDAI and methoxetamine, since 2005. … The worst case …
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St. Lawrence County Community Services offers walk-in mental health and

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For many years, mental health and substance abuse assessments were scheduled, leaving some people on a waiting list while others who had appointments missed them, sometimes because they got cold feet or could not get a ride. Therapists sometimes …

I’m Afraid That I May Have a Mental Illness?

Question by Morgan: I’m afraid that I may have a mental Illness?
First off, I know that I should speak with a doctor and my family about this, but I’m afraid to.

Okay, well I’m a 16 year old girl, and I’ve been feeling like I may be depressed for a very long time now. I know everyone has problems and sometimes get depressed so I’ve regarded this “depression” as normal; but lately I’ve been really afraid that it may be a more serious problem.
I have a good family life, I know that my family loves and cares a lot about me, the only thing is that I can’t talk to them about ANYTHING,I can’t remember the last time i had a real conversation with my parents,not because they haven’t tried but because I just don’t want to– I don’t feel comfortable talking to them.



Best answer:

Answer by raysny
The most recent I could find for the US has the figures for 1997:

“A study shows that the U.S. spent a combined $ 11.9 billion on alcohol and drug abuse treatment, while the total social costs were more than $ 294 billion. The results were part of the National Estimates of Expenditures for Substance Abuse Treatment, 1997, which was released at the end of April by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Center for Substance Abuse Treatment.

The report, prepared by the MEDSTAT Group for SAMHSA, examines how much is spent in the U.S. to treat alcohol and drug abuse, how that spending has changed between 1987 and 1997, how much of the spending is done by the private and public sectors, and how substance abuse expenditures compare to spending for mental health and other health conditions in the U.S.”

Please Help. I Need Advice..?

Question by Nunya: please help. i need advice..?
I’m unhappy with my life, Sometimes I want to cut/kill myself. I’ve tried cutting in the past but now they make me want to do it again and kill myself. My family constant fights everyday and I cry a lot. I was physically abused by them and by other relatives before. They’re still abusive verbally; my family has been abusive physically/emotionally since I was a little kid.

I feel very sad about my life. I feel like im stuck here. My family doesn’t care about how I feel. They call me stupid, slow, ugly among other horrible names. They don’t understand that im a grown woman and am capable of making my own decisions.

Managing Wedding Stress in Wedding Event Planner Careers – New Wedding Planet


Managing Wedding Stress in Wedding Event Planner Careers – New Wedding Planet – Excerpts from New Wedding Planet’s Video Tutorial: ‘The Principles of Wedding Psychology and Counseling’ (Part I) • Learn how to manage all kinds of wedding …


Tips to manage a stressful semester

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Franz Buker, a doctoral intern at the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health, offered some tips to students dealing with stress. One of Buker's tips was to practice diaphragmatic breathing, which is a form of deep breathing that comes from the …
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Emotional Support Services for Sandy Victims [AUDIO]

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Drug Abuse Centers Knoxville TN | Intervention in Knoxville TN | Detox Knoxville TN


Drug Abuse Centers Knoxville TN | Intervention in Knoxville TN | Detox Knoxville TN – Substance Treatment Centers Knoxville’s rehab centers are prepared to help peo…


Drugs here, so why not treatment center?

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Drug and alcohol use and abuse are rampant throughout the United States and facilities such as the one being discussed would offer addiction intervention, alcohol and drug detox, rehab and recovery, and extended recovery follow-up. Admission and …
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Group forming to assist Inland Empire women veterans

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Duson is a certified addiction treatment counselor I, has earned credits toward an associate's degree in drug and alcohol studies and mental health and has a certificate in drug and alcohol studies and domestic violence. She is continuing with her …
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