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I’m Afraid That I May Have a Mental Illness?

Question by Morgan: I’m afraid that I may have a mental Illness?
First off, I know that I should speak with a doctor and my family about this, but I’m afraid to.

Okay, well I’m a 16 year old girl, and I’ve been feeling like I may be depressed for a very long time now. I know everyone has problems and sometimes get depressed so I’ve regarded this “depression” as normal; but lately I’ve been really afraid that it may be a more serious problem.
I have a good family life, I know that my family loves and cares a lot about me, the only thing is that I can’t talk to them about ANYTHING,I can’t remember the last time i had a real conversation with my parents,not because they haven’t tried but because I just don’t want to– I don’t feel comfortable talking to them.

I’ve been feeling really out of sorts lately,just fatigued and tired most of the time.When I’m at home I basically withdraw from everyone else.I get really upset, and sometimes i’ll be able to compose myself(like right now) and then I’ll start bawling hysterically, but I never cry in front of anyone. My family thinks I have an attitude problem, and honestly I do. I try to be a really nice person except when I’m at home and towards my family. I almost always feel stressed out mostly because of school.

I also have low self esteem. I don’t really think that I’m ugly but I think there are a lot of ugly things about me both physically and characteristically. I’ve had thoughts of suicide for the passed 3 years,but it’s more frequent now.even though I know I really won’t do it, because I’m afraid of how it might affect my family. I have a lot of friends and two best friends whom I love dearly, but I know that they have problems of their own and I don’t want to bother them anymore with mine.

I’ve been thinking seriously about trying to go to therapy but I’m really paranoid. I don’t know the laws or rules surrounding mental counseling, but since I am a minor and my parents would be paying for my treatment, that a therapist would be obligated to inform them of what I say. Plus therapy costs money, and I’d feel like even more of a burden to my parents. I constantly feel guilty, and i know i need help, but I feel like I’m just a mess and working on myself won’t help. I feel like I’ve been accumulating all of these problems and letting them eat away at me for so long that they might have developed into something more serious. I desperately need help, but I feel utterly alone.

I need advice, and i know this really isn’t the best place for it, but i have don’t know where else to go.I know this won’t solve my problems, but please just try to help me in anyway that you can. I would really appreciate.

Thank you.

I’m also really sorry this is so long, i didn’t intend for it to be.

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Answer by Robert
Talk to your school counceler or minister.

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