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Suggestions for Architecture Thesis Book Materials (Revitalizing Old Mills/factories Into Residential)?

Question by : Suggestions for architecture thesis book materials (revitalizing old mills/factories into residential)?
My boyfriend is getting his Masters in Architecture currently. Starting next semester he has to do a “Thesis Prep” course, where he obviously does all research needed to complete his final thesis design project. I am looking to buy him some book materials for Christmas and was looking for any suggestions because I am not familiar with the topic. He wants to focus his thesis on redeveloping old run down factories/mills into residential complexes. But if anyone has suggestions for books about redeveloping old factories/mills for commercial use, I am definitely open to those too! I hope this makes sense and thank you for any of your time!
After some research, I found the terms “Mill Rehab” and “Mill Conversion”
and Adaptive Reuse

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Just Realized “therapist” Is “the Rapist”?

Question by ..:::..KayLee..:::..: Just realized “therapist” is “the rapist”?
Isn’t that kind of creepy? Makes me feel like they maybe should have called that occupation something else. Especially since the majority of rape victims will most likely end up seeking counseling!!

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Answer by paul
If you don’t feel comfortable talking with a therapist you can ask to be referred to someone more suitable to your needs

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Editorials from around Pennsylvania

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Styron spent the last part of his life speaking widely about his depression, often counseling others. … —A dentist (Laurie Stanell) and writer/therapist (Art Greenwald), a 2010 Penn State graduate (Gavin Keirans) and a stay-at-home mom (Christine …
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Trichotillomania: the NEW new therapist

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More UC Application Questions?

Question by : More UC Application questions?
Okay! A few questions…answer whatever you know because I know I’m asking a lot :p

So first off..
2nd semester junior year I was seriously depressed and my grades showed that. My counselor at school told me to add that into additional comments (she was with me all throughout the experience so yeah..) but should I add that in the additional comments with my personal statements or additional comments about my classes?

I don’t understand what they mean by Educational Preparation Programs?
Examples of that other than what they say in the application please? They say…
Add and briefly describe any programs or activities that have enriched your academic experiences or helped you to prepare for college. Such programs may provide information, counseling, tutoring or other service or offer academic enrichment, research opportunities or special study opportunities, such as study abroad.

I Am Really Ready to Die! I Am So Sorry I Was Born.?

Question by : I am really ready to die! I am so sorry I was born.?
I don’t belong here. I wish God would just take me away. I don’t want to die tragically like from an illness, accident, etc. I just want to not wake up in the morning. I hate my parents met each other. I’d do anything to find a time machine and rewind it two decades. I’d make sure she was in a foreign country , and he was somewhere sleeping. Why the hell am I here? I wish I could give my life to someone who wants to live, and get out of here.

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Answer by Xen
Get in touch with me. I’ll give your life meaning, and I will put you to work.

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New Hampshire ex-priest gets jail time for thefts

I Saw Few Dreams of My Dead Dog Died Again the Dreams?

Question by daisy!: I saw few dreams of my dead dog died again the dreams?
My dog had died again the dream but I couldn’t see his body just saw the blood .. But at the end , he died .. Please help me out what does it exactly means that he died again in the dream

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Answer by Edwin
(IMO) it might mean that blood equates to sadness and death of something. Or it might mean you feel like your losing something..or…it might mean feelings of helplessness and you have no control or that there is nothing you can do to stop him or something from ending. Basically unseen dog, blood, and dying again, are the key pictures here. Try to figure out what each one stands for and try to relate it to something you did on that day or felt? Did you have feelings of hurt, was something on your mind? Did any thought of your dog come on that day? etc.

How Does One “battle” Depression?

Question by ?Rojas?: How does one “battle” depression?
I am so depressed and I don’t know why. It’s been going on for a week and a half. I am afraid it will never end, though I’m sure that isn’t the case. How do you know if you have a serious problem or if it is just a phase? And, how do you deal and overcome?
It seems like nothing is making me happy. I am just “blah” all the time. i can’t laugh or really feel joyful…
I have a lot going on, bug things, but i don’t know why I am so depressed about any of it…I dom’t even know which thing I am depressed about.

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Answer by dog owner
Start reducing your idle time. Keep moving, busy yourself with hobbies of any kind from bible study to wild,crazy sex and anything you might be willing to do between.