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Question for Substance Abuse Professionals?

Question by ebizartistry: Question for substance abuse professionals?
Where does personal responsibility fit into the argument that certain groups are, perhaps, justified in their addiction?

Best answer:

Answer by **ask linda jo….**
they do not admit they are addicts and use every excuse to be high and not want sobriety they justify using and have grandiose behavior like i can quit any time and they don’t the saying i do not have a problem is a big lie they tell them selves to continue using.look up the N.A. website or get the book and read the stories or attend an N.A. meeting for more information.

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Wife: Slipknot bassist's final days blur of drug abuse

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Is Vampirism an Addiction?

Question by CLOSED: Is Vampirism an addiction?
an interesting concept I think. Can you be de vamped and decided not to be one anymore and are there like withdrawl system? That hurt like hell? Drive you mad? Can you ever escape the hold a vampire might have on you?
Sadly no one got my meaning . Could people who “Think” they are and follow this lifestyle could it be like an addiction for them? The apparent need for blood. What if they stopped what would happen.

Best answer:

Answer by meganmichele1988
ok…vampires = fiction…and weird!!!

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Naperville IL Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Additional Drug Rehabilitation

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Thanks to this additional drug rehab program, which is based upon the 12 steps of recovery, men and women begin to understand how powerful their addiction has had over their lives. New awakenings through therapy take place and they see how life with …
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15 & Pregnant ? Symptoms but No Period for 7 Months. No Way Im 7 Months Pregnant?

Question by : 15 & pregnant ? symptoms but no period for 7 months. No way im 7 months pregnant?
okay. so first i was taking birthcontrol for only a month & the stopped because of the side affects. i didnt have sex for a few months afterwards (january – april) & i havent had my period for 7 months i guess. i know that birthcontrol sometimes delay your next period as soon as you stop but ive heard you get it about 3 months later ? but anyways. i was having sex with my boyfriend since april & im not really positive if im pregnant or not since i dont get my period. ive grown a little belly & gained some weight. ive thrown up 2 times but it was 2 weeks apart & sometimes i get a little heart burn or a burning sensation in my throat when im laying down. i get bad leg cramps when im asleep or just laying down at night. i get tired REALLY easilly when im walking around somewhere. my breast arent sore & i dont pee often so thats kind of throwing me off. if i were to be pregnant id be around 9 to 11 weeks maybe more. i dont really have access to a pregnancy test though so i dont know how to find out. oh & sometimes i can feel a little flutter in my tummy sometimes two different sides of my tummy. & i look like im 4 months pregnant. but i think a lot of it is from bloating since i am constipated for a couple weeks. i just thought it wouldve went down already. im 15 & my boyfriend is 16 & his family is VERY religious. my parents on the other hand are VERY judgemental. sooo i really dont know what to do , please help !!

Psychology vs. Psychiatry & Pre-Med?

Question by Izzy E: Psychology vs. Psychiatry & Pre-Med?
Please clarify if there are other options besides medical school in order to work clinically in the psychology field. I intended to study pre-med as an undergrad, enter med-school and receive an MD in order to be a psychiatrist. But is there another way I can be a clinical practitioner (e.g., work in the psychology/psychiatry field authorized to administer medicine to patients, rather than just counsel?)

Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by drdr
only an MD can prescribe drugs (and some psychiatric nurse practitioners); and, “just counsel” is pejorative in nature; generally speaking, psychologists may have a greater depth of knowledge of behavior than psychiatrists; drugs are at times the problem and not the answer

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After Reading the Article “Radical Therapy” by Lauren (Link Below) Would You Take the Pill Everyday and Why?

Question by Robert O: after reading the article “radical therapy” by Lauren (link below) would you take the pill everyday and why?

This is purely out of curiosity. Brought on by a psychology class

Best answer:

Answer by Andi
it seems like the man in the article needed something to jolt him out of his depression and the “you’re gonna die” trick worked well for him to start enjoying life.
but a pill that forces you to enjoy life because it might be your last seems ridiculous. they’re still being provided with a chance of death, which is ethically wrong. and they might develop anxiety problems if they keep thinking they might die next time they take the pill, even if it is voluntary.
it just seems like telling someone to enjoy everyday as if it were their last is not as effective as actually lying to them about their mortality, but it’s the closest you can get morally.

Does Obama Support or Does Not Support the LGBT?

Question by G: Does Obama support or does not support the LGBT?
This is what he said: “I opposed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. It should be repealed and I will vote for its repeal on the Senate floor. I will also oppose any proposal to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban gays and lesbians from marrying.”
What is the real reason why OBAMA supports the LGBT?

Best answer:

Answer by Miss Issip Pi
Well, he supports it. He’s even said that.

But he also has a rather nasty habit of going back on his words, or mising them up. With that text, it’d be hard to re-word that with solid evidence.

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