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Are Clinical Psychologists Limited to Only Clinical Psychology?

Question by Ello G: Are clinical psychologists limited to only clinical psychology?
Say… If I became a clinical psychologist, but wanted to switch to a counseling psychologist, or industrial psychologist, etc. Could I make the switch right there? Or would I have to go back for those degrees?

Best answer:

Answer by michele
In most states (though not all), psychologists’ licensing is GENERAL. In other words, whether you have trained as a clinical, counseling, or I/O during your doctoral work, you all get the same license – a generic license as a PSYCHOLOGIST (no specializations). The difference comes in the way in which you market your services, which should be based on your training (i.e., those who trained in counseling psychology call themselves “counseling psychologists”).

~Dr. B.~

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My Dad Died. “Step Mom” Is Collecting His Social Security for a Child That Is Not His!?

Question by : My dad died. “step mom” is collecting his social security for a child that is not his!?
He passed suddenly. They had been living seperate for a little more than 2 years at the time of dads passing. She had a boyfriend from the start of the seperation, and had a kid with the boyfriend. My father and her never legally seperated/divorced though..and my fathers name is on the birth certificate. It is not his child, admitingly by all parties. However since she’s technically his “widow” she is entitled to survivor benefits. Those benefits become a large amount of money if there is a child involved…so she is collecting a large amount of money each month, claiming to social security that the child is my fathers. It is not. It has been known since she was pregnant that it is not my fathers…however she is just not telling that to social she can get more money. She is also a meth addict. I have already reported it to social security.They said it is fraud if the child isn’t his..and that she will have to pay the money back to social security..they said to get a family lawyer..(which I cannot afford) establish paternity. However I have been told by someone who knows “step mom” that they did do a paternity test. Her and the boyfriend seperated…and he got one for visitation/child support. Yet she is collecting a LARGE sum each month, partying and living off of my dad’s social security. I refuse to let my father be taken advantage of. I understand she is legally entitled to a widows benefit..that I can do nothing about…but this is not right. She shouldn’t be collecting such a huge amount for a child thats not his! It seems that the bad people win. What should I do? Has anyone out there had a similar experience? What would you do? I really need help with this. Im about to call Maury. 🙁 I have actually considered it! Its a mess..and is not right that I should be going thru this..especially after losing my dad. Thank you for all advice! Also I will never see a dime of it..and I dont care..its not about money..its about my father being taken advantage of. He worked hard for those benefits…its not right what she is doing.
Its $ 2600 a month! ….also yes I can prove she’s meth head…she just got arrested for possession of it 2 months ago. I understand your points pragmatism and thank all of you for responses.. yes this is my dads mess…She took advantage of him the whole time they were together..never working..always on drugs..its his mess yes. Social security has told me that it is fraudulent if its not actually his child…I know its the states money…but this woman has just lived off of him for so long. Also he had a girlfriend who found she was pregnant after his passing…and she’s claiming its his..and this one just might be. Her and stepmom were buddies..and were splitting the the girlfriend told me about it after they had a falling out. I told the girlfriend to contact me when she’s ready to establish paternity..because I need to know if I have a sibling …however..thats another mess. I really loved my dad..and yes I guess I am angry with him. I just think its so wrong

Australian Celebrity Apprentice Max Markson’s “Drug Addiction” Attack on Didler Cohen?

Question by Jarrod K: Australian Celebrity Apprentice Max Markson’s “drug addiction” attack on Didler Cohen?
I think it’s time to have a little fun here and ask you your thoughts if any of you Australians follow the show or heard the story after a measly few minutes being reported in media.

Basically what happened was Max Markson attacked Didler Cohen for not doing his job, but out of nowhere, he says he’s a “cocaine addict”. It’s not that it wasn’t true, but that it was uncalled for and inappropriate. And yet…they still aired the scene when he said it. It is one of the most awkward moments I have seen on the show, and so bizarre. Mad Max as they call them revealed how his frustration can lead him to being out of control on the show, and this showed it even more.

I Don’t Know What to Make of This,on a Cycle That Starts Again About Every 3 Months,?

Question by soft honesty: I don’t know what to make of this,on a cycle that starts again about every 3 months,?
I start feeling on top of the world-full of energy, and hope, and confidence, and having goodwill twoards everyone, and having intense deep feelings of love and understanding,-and seemingly overnight, I become the exact opposite-no emotion, no energy, no reason, and very intense anger, not the physical kind, I feel I want to ruin everyone’s life, and make them suffer, as I do. After about a month or two this letts up, and I become a “saint again” This has been happening for years now, and I’ve been on almost every type of meds there are, yet they don’t seem to affect it at all.-I have borderline personality disorder, but I’m not sure if this is the cause of it.What may be causing it, and what do I do about it?
P.S>I know the DBT skills training manual backwards and forwards, sometimes it helps with managing symptoms, but the problem itself remains uaffected.

Writing a Book, Plot Summary and Some Stuff?

by gak

Question by This is how you sound.: Writing a book, plot summary and some stuff?
I’ve got an idea for a novel I’d like to write, i’ve just started working on it. But basically the plot is about a 16 year old girl, Brittany, who is murdered and how it affects those around her over the next few years. It starts with the day she died, she and her best friend Alyssa were supposed to go to the mall, but after getting into an argument with her mother, Alyssa can’t go. She texts Brittany who is already at the mall, and she decides to leave the mall early when she finds out Alyssa won’t be going, while waiting at the bus stop in front of the mall, she’s shot and killed in a drive by shooting. It’s all still very iffy, just an idea really. The book mostly focuses on Alyssa dealing with her friend’s death, blaming herself (had she been there, Brittany wouldn’t have been waiting for the bus at that time), listening to how suddenly everyone from school was close friends with Brittany, and how her life is changed by what happened. I think I’d like to have her write Brittany letters or emails throughout the book, telling her about what’s going on in her life. I’d also like to focus on a few other characters though (two other girls who were friends with the pair, and possibly a boy who Brittany was dating or somehow involved with) and I’m not sure whether to write it in 3rd person, 1st person from perspective of Alyssa, or change POV every few chapters. I’d like for it to end around 5 or so years after Brittany’s death with some kind of closure for Alyssa.

Will “Fireproofing My Marriage” Work if My Husband Hasn’t Ended the Affair? Can This Series Impact His Life?

Question by Starla: Will “Fireproofing my Marriage” work if my husband hasn’t ended the affair? Can this series impact his life?
I have heard great things about marriages being saved just from watching the movie. Which would be more effective the movie or the series?

He won’t tell me “specifically” if affair is over but, has said he wants “us to work”. He never mentioned divorcing me and I’m hopeful we will stay together to raise our kids.

Best answer:

Answer by hot toaster oven
if he won’t tell you, then it’s probably not over? i mean, you can try the fireproof thing, but don’t spend your whole life trying to win back a loser.

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