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Sociophobia, What Happens Now?

Question by : sociophobia, what happens now?
i posted other questions, someone said, “Please get help, before you get house bound!! and have panic attacks!!!” i am having panic attacks, and are house bound. What do i do? The doctor cant get me help for 2 months, psychologist is full, i am so unhappy, i feel neglected, please see if u can answer my other questions x

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Answer by OkieRoadhunter
In the case of my brother, he filed for Social Security disability, and stays home and gets a check (paid for in part by your tax dollars) for doing nothing.
Two months is too long to wait. Find another doctor. If you can’t get in to see a psychiatrist, go to your regular doctor, and ask for a prescription of Xanax, generic name Alprazolam. It is what will be prescribed by the psychiatrist, and any Dr. can prescribe it.
Please note that I said “psychiatrist”. While seeing a “psychologist” for talk therapy is a good idea, they can’t prescribe drugs, and an anti-anxiety medication is what you need.

I take Xanax daily. It works wonders, and I have had no side effects or issue with addiction. I don’t have to take it on weekends when I don’t work, or while on vacation, and have no withdrawal symptoms. Don’t let anyone scare you away from trying it. It’s the number 1 most prescribed medication for anxiety and panic attacks for a reason.

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