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Question About Sobriety…

Question by J . T .: Question about sobriety…
So my best friend started shooting heroin about 8 months ago. It was a shock to all of us, so he went to rehab, got out, started banging out again, then went back to rehab. He’s been clean ever since but has been going to the Methadone clinic every morning like clock work, he has my full support but we got in a fight the other day because I tried to tell him he was still a fiend. I mean he’s obviously addicted to Methadone and he said his milligram was really high, so he still gets faded like he was shooting dope.

Is it wrong me to still call him a fiend???
*wrong OF me

Best answer:

Answer by dandslogging
no it’s not wrong of you to keep him as aFriend sometime that is what they need.i dont know anything about methadone but he might need it to be really high right now so he is not coming off his drugs at once and have major side affects from it i heard they can be realy bad .if he is realy on the wagon then over time he will get better just hang in there with him he will thank you for it later.

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