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Mental Health Counselor?

Question by : Mental Health Counselor?
to be a Mental Health Counselor which courses do i have to take?? what degrees do i need? and which colleges are good??
btw i want to be a therapist.
i want to help people who have emotional problems including thoughts of suicide, family probs and other stuff….

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Answer by Rita
Well there are actually lots of different counselors. You didn’t say which type you’re interested in becoming, but I’ll find some information to help you..

Therapist — “Therapist” is another name for “counselor.” Therapists are people who use counseling to treat mental, emotional and nervous illnesses. Counseling is also called “psychotherapy.” Therapists can be psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers or other professional counselors trained in mental health.

Psychiatrist — A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who treats mental illnesses. He or she has a medical degree. A psychiatrist has a medical license to practice psychiatry. Psychiatry is the study of how to identify, treat and prevent mental illnesses. A psychiatrist is the only type of counselor who can order medications. Other counselors work with psychiatrists to decide if a patient needs medications. Psychiatrists can treat many mental illnesses if they have the right training. Often they treat people with severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.

Psychologist — A psychologist has a doctorate or master’s degree and additional training to diagnose and treat a wide variety of emotional and other psychological problems. A person must be certified and licensed by the State of Ohio to call himself or herself a “psychologist.”

Social workers — Social workers are trained to provide individual, couple, family and group counseling services. In addition, some social workers may be trained to help with crisis situations, neglect, emotional and physical abuse, welfare needs, legal issues and other problems. Most social workers have master’s degrees.

Marriage and family therapists — These counselors are trained to treat couples or families. They can be psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and other trained mental health care providers. Treatments for drug and alcohol addiction often include counseling for family members. A counselor who treats families and couples may also treat individuals.

Drug and substance abuse counselors — These counselors treat problems with alcohol and drug abuse. Family members are often part of treatment.

Social Worker — Helping people with problems like alcoholism, child care, and poverty.

Grief counselors — Grief counselors help people deal with the death of a loved one or other losses. These counselors also help people cope with illnesses that may lead to death. Events other than death also can cause grief. For example, a parent may feel grief when a child leaves home. A child may feel grief when a parent enters a nursing home.

Other types of counselors — There are other types of counselors, including school and pastoral counselors, and counselors who specialize in treating children.

Now depending on the kind of Counselor career you’d like to be you’d probably have to take some of these, just a general idea:
• English/Language Arts
• Algebra
• Trigonometry or Statistics or Other math course
• Earth or Life or Physical Science
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Physics or Other science course
• U.S. History
• World History
• Sociology
• Psychology
• Human Growth and Development

The good colleges depends on where you live and which exact Major you’d like to graduate with.

So I hope i helped. and if You want to do more reasearch then you could have a look at the links I put in the source list 🙂

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