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Can You Give Me Some Information on Universities?

Question by The girl with no name.: Can you give me some information on universities?
When I’m older i’d like to be doing makeup backstage or designing costume for shows as I am very interested in theatre. I do acting in my spare time but I have realized that it isn’t very realistic and is hard to get paid work to support me and my family. If that doesn’t work id like to be a fashion designer or beautician or something along those lines.
Anyway, at the moment i am 14 and choosing my GCSE options.
Do i need to go to university to get a job along those lines? Are their any specific GCSE’s i should take to get into university?
If someone could talk me through all this i would appreciate it!

Best answer:

Answer by paulfriedman7
You need to think very carefully about your career prospects. Normally I council students to “follow their dreams”. But the jobs that you are considering all offer very limited career prospects. At best you might go to a community college and then see if you can find a job in these fields. You really need to speak with a job counselor. I’m not familiar with job counseling in the UK, but I assume there must be public agencies available. Google “job counseling” and the name of your city. Even though you are only 14, see if you can get an appointment to speak with a counselor. If I were a parent I would be willing to let you out of school for a day for that purpose. It would be worthwhile.

On the other hand, if this is your life’s passion, go for it.

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