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Uruguay Is Poised to Become First Country to Legalize and Regulate Pot

Filed under: relationships counseling

The Uruguayan bill legalizing weed bans marketing of the drug and calls for the Uruguayan National Integrated Health System to provide counseling and treatment options for cannabis users who require them. … The registration system would also keep …
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Transparency and Agents

Filed under: relationships counseling

MIAMI – A discussion on transparency in university-agent relationships at the American International Recruitment Council annual conference on Saturday came to few clear conclusions, but it did raise a number of issues that will likely be on the table …
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New Walden University Study Reveals Six Distinct Types of Social Change

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More than half have had relationships with friends or family suffer because of their beliefs about positive social change (52%, on average vs. 31%, on average). More than half have given up spending more time with their family in order to be …. Areas …
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