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How Does He Stop Using Meth?

Question by dspartida: How does he stop using Meth?
Here’s the story… My husband of 1 1/2 years now, has been an addict to meth since age 16 and now is 28. He’s had a real bad childhood with abusive parents and has also been in and out of rehabs. His runs would typically run for about 2-3 months. non-stop user!

We met nearly 2 yrs ago and he said I gave him a reason to wanna quit! 6 months ago we had a beautiful daughter! Somthing he has dreamed about for many years! He loves his job, family and home! Since we have been together he has used 4 different times! Witch his family says they have never seen. We attend church and stay away from negative influences! But the way he describes it is, something in his mind just clicks and he feels like it is a battle of God and the devil fighting for him! He wants to stop be doesn’t know what to do. Any idea’s?

He doesn’t wanna be that person he was at 16…

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Answer by SouthernCharm
Sorry to say this but “Rehab” seems like the logical option in this situation, and I’m sorry to hear about your husband struggling with this, my boyfriend has been a cocaine user for years now and he does it occasionally but I pray he’ll stop because I’m frightened he’ll overdose or go for crack if he can’t get it

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