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Is This an “Eating Disorder” What Should I Do?

Question by : Is this an “eating disorder” what should i do?
Hi , im 15 and im depressed about everything . I dont feel like i have the potential to do anything good in life . I feel fat all the time , i skip meals so i wont feel guilty about eating and when i see other girls i admire how thin they are and i want to look like that . People tell me im skinny but i hate my body . i dont like my legs i have stretch mark, im embarrased to ever show a guy or my friends how i look. I constantly feel self concious about the way i look i hate it . I cry alot . My mom tells me if i dont stop shes going to take me to an eating disorder place but i dont think im that bad. I just want to be skinny . I know my family loves me but it doesnt feel like its enough . I hate everyone sometimes i just dont want to talk to my friends anymore. I cant tell them this because i dont want to look weak or have them see me differently. Im crying now because i feel stupid for feeling like this. I ate fast food earlier and im so mad at myself because i feel fat . Its 10:35pm , no ones home and self harming has crossed my mind several times . I dont know what to do .i dont want to go to school anymore i hate being around people. I go to church and i feel good but then i go back to my old ways and get depressed. I dont know what life is anymore . This is what i look like now and i still feel like shit. . i dont think ill ever be good enough for myself ,idk what to do anymore.

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Answer by jadehope
yes sounds like an eating disorder. get help. recovery is very difficult but it is worth it.

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