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Is My Mum an Alcohol?

Question by Katie: Is my mum an alcohol?
For a bit of background info, I’m 18 years old and live at home with my parents.
My mum has always liked to have a drink for as long as I can remember.
About 4 years ago my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Throughout these few years I have noticed my mum’s drinking becoming more and more substantial.
Every night now, she will have around 2 bottles of wine. Is this abnormal?
I’m so worried about her health. I’m going to lose my dad soon, I don’t want to lose her too.
She will drink herself to sleep every night. For example, tonight we have had friends round and she has drunk 3 bottles to herself. I know that she gets so drunk that she can’t remember stuff, because she will ask me questions she asked the night before when she had been drinking.
She completely denies that she gets ‘drunk’ but we all know the truth. I have raised the issue with her on quite a few occasions, they all result in an argument.
I hate arguing with her, I care too much, so I just leave it. There is nothing I can say to make her cut down. I’m scared to actually ask her. I don’t think she thinks she has a problem.
Does she have a problem?

It really scares me, I’ve got so much going on in my head at the moment, I just want her to stop her drinking, mainly for her health.

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Answer by Frreddd
Its hard to judge whether or not someone is an alcoholic through a couple paragraphs but if she isn’t now she will be soon. Yes she has a serious problem if shes consuming 2 bottles of wine a night.

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