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Has Anyone Loss a Child at 6 Month Pregnancy?? Help?

Question by Flor: Has anyone loss a child at 6 month pregnancy?? help?
Ok. this is what happened my sister just lost her 6 month baby a few days ago. She is extremelly depressed and it hurts me so much looking at her suffering. I really dont know what to do to make her feel better. I just want to know from women who were pregnant and loss their babies, what did help during those dificult times? I have been looking for support groups near my area but there is not any. I am really worried, my syster doesnt want to eat, she has nightmares, she wanted her baby so much. This is extremelly sad. Any advice?

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Answer by Ann
I did at 5 months. Look online for support groups. Check with her hospital for support. I am sorry for her loss. This is a very hard journey she is on. Check with They may have some options for her. Google late term pregnancy loss support. Anonymous support groups really helped me.

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