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I Think I May Be Crazy….(mental Disorder?)?

Question by Riley: I think I may be crazy….(mental disorder?)?
I had a traumatic childhood. With an alcoholic father, who was nelgectful and emotionally and physically abusive. Now I’m 21. I’ve been addicted to drugs, food, alcohol, smoking etc. Lately in my life I have a hard time saying no to sexual encounters, whether really wanted or not I comply. I’ve now had 11 partners. One was a relationship the rest were either one night stands or casual sex. I’m unhappy most of the time. Can’t find anything fulfilling in my life. I don’t want to kill myself, though sometimes I wish I could. I have generalized anxiety disorder. Depression. In relationships I’m completely devoted, almost too giving. And I jump with everything I have. which some people call “doormat.” I give give give, until that person is basically my only concern. Thing is no one wants more than sex from me now. I haven’t had someone ask me on a date in a long time. My question is….is this a mental condition? Do I have some sort of disease? Or whatever…I just want to know what I have. So I can fix it. I can’t keep living like this. And I don’t want answers that say “seek counseling” I’m not stupid I know I need counseling. I just want a name for it. What is it…and how do I fix it.


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Answer by J G
Could be a number of things. Codependency for one thing. That would be the giving everything into a relationship and being a doormat….trying to make one sided relationships work. Could be personality disorder like borderline personality disorder. Seeing a therapist/psychologist would be a good idea. If they would think it is something that meds could help they would recomend you see a psychiatrist.

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