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Is There Any Cheat Codes for Age of Empires 2 Age of Kings?

Question by tjaye8000: Is there any cheat codes for Age of Empires 2 Age of Kings?
I found codes for AoE2 The Conqurors. I just need codes for Age of kings. (PC of course)

Best answer:

Answer by Neo
Press “Enter” and type the following cheat codes:
Note that cheats codes are between : ” ” but don’t type ” ” in the game
1000 stone “rock on”
1000 wood “lumberjack”
1000 gold “robin hood”
1000 food “cheese steak jimmy’s”
Full map “marco”
No shadows “polo”
Fast building2 “aegis”
Control animals only “natural wonders”
Instant victory “i r winner”
Instant loss “resign”
Suicide “wimpywimpywimpy”
Tall, fast moving, useless villager1 “i love the monkey head”
Infantry unit that acts like a monkey but has 99 attack, 99 armor, 99 range, and 9 HP “furious the monkey boy”
Shelby Cobra car with twin machine guns3 “how do you turn this on”
Kill indicated opponent “torpedo
Destroy all opponents “black death”
Saboteur unit “to smithereens”

Walt Whitman’s “Come Up From the Fields Father” Help Please~!?

Question by : Walt Whitman’s “Come Up from the Fields Father” Help please~!?
Of what are the Ohio farm’s fields in autumn symbols in “Come Up from the Fields Father”?

of gladness for life’s bounty
of sorrow for life’s injustices
of grief for life’s end
of pride for life’s riches

would it be the second or third?
The Poem has to do with loss, if anything there’s death aswell.

Death is an ‘end’ but can be taken as an injustice of life. :s

Best answer:

How to Ask My Parents if I Can Have Counselling?

Question by : How to ask my parents if i can have counselling?
it is awkward because they think im happy. my parents are judgemental im only 14. they will worry about me. i really want counselling help! thanks in advance

Best answer:

Answer by Love You
“Mom. Dad. Can I have counseling?”

Thats how you ask

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Little Jem ride drops in to Tathra

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Skipping Stages of Grief?

Question by : Skipping stages of grief?
Is there some kind of mental disorder that makes it so that I get over ‘grief’ or sad things like death fast?

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance…. I go straight to acceptance.

Then I was thinking about it and I really “grieve” when someone is sick…
I try to deny they are sick, I say that maybe if I could do something and it would help (Not Bargaining with “god” though.), I get sad (though I still go on with my own life), but as soon as they die I simply accept it.

Is there something weird or strange? It kinda worries me when I’m the only one not depressed or sad/crying.

Best answer:

Answer by Emily
It’s okay. My dad died when I was 10 and I had this big gap in between bargaining and depression the gap lasted 2 years I was just numb I guess.. All I know is it takes time.

How Do I Help My Children With the Loss of Their Father.?

Question by Hazeleyes: How do I help my children with the loss of their father.?
His death was almost 3 years ago and with the holidays passing they are missing him a lot and I don’t know how to assure them of how they are feeling or how to help them understand some of those feelings. We lost him suddenly to cancer, from diagnosis to the time of his death was about 2 weeks so they never got the chance to adjust to him being sick or to get prepared for the loss of him. Also I don’t know if I can actually help them because I never really greived when he passed I was and am still so angry that he was taken so suddenly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. To add one more thing his parents are starting to shut my children out and treat them differently than before. It has always been that way but it has gotten worse, how do I help them cope with that?

How Do I Get Over the Death of My Still Born Daughter?

Question by broken hearted: How do I get over the death of my still born daughter?
I never expected for my daughter to die inside of me, we had six weeks to go. She was my everything and I am devasted, broken and, empty. I discovered at my anti natel check on the 14th January 2008, that Nia heart had stopped, my baby had died. Her angel day was the 16th January 2008.

I held my precious baby in my arms, no breath, no heart beat. I had her for 4 days while I was in hospital, can you image I left with empty arms, and a shattered heart.

How could this be? This was not part of the script, I had waited so long for a child and then abruptly she was taken away.