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College Question? Only Experienced People Help Please!?

Question by monica: College question? Only experienced people help please!?
I want to get a BSW (bachelors of social work) and then eventually a MSW. I’m curious though what should I major my a.a in? I really want to do it in childhood education, just incase social work doesn’t work out I will have a back up plan. Could I do this?

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Answer by Baron
I do not understand what you mean by “aa”? A Bachelors is followed by a Master’s. Do you mean your concentration while studying at the Master’s level? Such as “counseling” or “group dynamics” or “childhood disorders” or “substance abuse” or “elder care”???? Is this what you are asking?
Childhood EDUCATION sounds problematic to me, as first off, when you indicate EDUCATION, you would be competing with folks who hold a Bachelors of Arts in Education, as well as those who hold that degree and are moving forward with their own Master’s. They would be given preference, and do not underestimate the power that being in the school system has. If you are aiming at being a School Counselor, then I think you could angle that, but a teaching position as a failsafe I would say probably not.

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