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Would This Be a Licensed Childcare Facility?

Question by pottsy: Would this be a licensed childcare facility?
A company that I work for (no names obviously) hosted several “summer camps” this past summer. It’s basically just daycare. Parents would drop off the kids, who would go through activities such as bowling, video games, lunch, and lasertag, all with a “camp counselor” (a regular employee with special, additional training, and a different uniform). Does this qualify my current place of employment as a licensed childcare facility?

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Answer by Doodle Bug
No. You have to have a license from the state to have a child care facility. There are a LOT of laws and government agencies that regulate day care or child care facilities. If a child were to get hurt or die in your care, you could face a very long prison sentence. Get informed before you get into trouble. Google child care laws for your state.

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