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Why Is My Husband Acting “crazy” Lately?

Question by maribela: Why is my husband acting “crazy” lately?
I have been married for 2 years now and have a 13 month old baby with my husband.Our marriage has been great up until about 3 months ago,when my husband just started acting crazy! If I say any little thing wrong he flips out on me and starts screaming,and if I try to defend myself (very calmly) he gets crazy and starts punching himself in the face! I’m not the type of woman that yells and screams and I dont use bad language,but if i feel I didnt do anything wrong I will defend myself and say something.For example,the other day we got into a huge argument because his car was in the shop,and he wanted to go fishing for the day,and wanted to use my car however i had to take our daughter to her dr. appt. to get her shots,and had to go grocery shopping,etc…..well he flipped out! He started crying and screaming and took out his pocket knife and cut up his fishing boots,his fishing license and then broke all his fishing poles!All because he couldnt go fishing.And then he tried to make me look like the bad one,like I did something bad to him!Thank god my daughter was down for her nap or she would have freaked out.He tells me all the time now for the last 3 months that he doesnt even love me nomore and dont want to be with me,but when I leave he comes crying to me begging for me back!?Im so confused i dont know whats going on or what this man wants,but i do know that im emotionally exhausted and dont want my daughter to witness him when he decides to go crazy.I have tried talking to him about how serious this is getting,and alls he says is that he has alot of “problems”,and blames it on witnessing his mothers death.I beg for him to go to counseling and he refuses.So any advice would help,I have tried everything to make him happy,nothings working

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Answer by Tsunami
hes either very ill or hes got another woman is he gone alot or is he home alot of the time those are things to think about. i mean he could have a nother woman and then he could be thnking he would be happier with her then you come out of te wood work and hes uptight and ca’t deal with it i would find out and get rid of him if its another woman.

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