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Why Don’t People Understand That You Can Grieve for a Pet Just as Much as for a Person?

Question by moovet1992: Why don’t people understand that you can grieve for a pet just as much as for a person?
This morning I euthanized my 19 1/2 year old cat Allie. I had to take the rest of the day off because I am losing it. I’m a vet. I work in a vet clinic. There are even some people that work there that do not understand the level of grief I feel. Many of my family members won’t understand. The first one of them that says “get over it, it was just a cat” is going down. Allie and I had been through a lot together. For 19 1/2 years he was my friend AND my child. I got him when my mom was dying and he helped me through that and other difficult times. I have grieved before, and I know the pain will become less but never completely go away. Wouldn’t it be nice if other people could understand that one can grieve just as much for a pet as a person, or even more. Why do people think it’s appropriate to say “oh, just get another cat” when they would never say to someone “oh, just have another child” if their human child died?

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Answer by Drew
No one knows exactly what you went threw unless they go threw it their self.
Just as you wouldnt know what someone else what feeling unless the same thing happened to you.

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