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Why Do You “real”MMA Fans Look the Other Way When Fighters (E.g.,Mir, Silva)disrespect You,but Dont for Lesnar?

Question by BOB: Why do you “real”MMA fans look the other way when fighters (e.g.,Mir, Silva)disrespect you,but dont for lesnar?
When ever Brock Lesnar (greatest MMA figher in history) so called disrespects the fans or sport everyone complains about him being bad for MMA and how he should be banned, but fans wont do this for others. For example, Frank Mir disrespected you and your sport by wishing a MMA related death on Brock Lesanr. Or Anderson Silvia disrespecting you tonight by making people waste their money and time and giving a boring fight. Yet people wont say anything about this! Why? Please explain this to me in detail.

Best answer:

Answer by roy jones jr
Being a MMA fan I’ve personally never condoned negative comments fighters would make.
I wouldn’t call Lesnar best in history (were not at the end of time!) & to my knowledge he has helped the MMA community in a lot of ways. Don’t worry about small comments from fighters. Just worry about if they still have the skills to beat the next person they face. Rashad Evans is a beast!

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