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When You’re an Undergrad in Psychology Could You Be Legally Called a Psychologist or Is the Term…?

Question by idunnowatodo: when you’re an undergrad in psychology could you be legally called a psychologist or is the term…?
restricted only to those who obtained a doctor’s degree?…And could i also use the word therapist to a person who’s an undergrad and had a master’s degree in psych and he’s licensed? If not, what kind of professional could he be if he couldn’t be referred to as a therapist or a psychologist?…

Best answer:

Answer by Ellie
Yes, that is typically only restricted to those who have a PhD. A person with a Bachelor’s does not have nearly enough experience or knowledge to be considered any type of “psychologist” or “therapist.” You can’t be an undergrad and have a Master’s at the same time. A Master’s degree indicates that you’re a graduate. A person with a Master’s can be considered a therapist or a counselor in some cases with enough experience. But people with Master’s degrees can only practice psychology under supervision.

Pain and simple – undergrads are not professionals; they are just people with a Bachelor’s degree (and you can’t do much in psychology with just four years of education).

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