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What Should I Do About My “depression”?

Question by deeprest85: What should I do about my “depression”?
My parents think I have depression but I don’t believe in conventional therapy. I used to think about suicide when I was young and told my parents a couple of times, but whenever I said anything I got the same generic advice that I should go to therapy or what-not. It’s BS— I’m not crazy, I just think my life sucks. I don’t need some shrink analyzing my feelings or asking me questions. Frankly, when people tell me I have so much to live for, that just pisses me off more because I know I don’t. I’m getting tired of everyone giving me reasons not to kill myself. Anyway, I started smoking pot and I’ve noticed that I don’t feel like killing myself anymore. But now everyone that knows I toke gives me the ol’ “Drugs are bad, MMKAY” speech. I’ve tried to explain that pot helps my depression but nobody understands. I haven’t smoked Mary J in a few days but now I feel the depression coming on again. My question is: is it ok to smoke pot if it prevents me from ending my own life?
I have been to therapy before once or twice but it did nothing for me except piss me off more and waste my parent’s money.

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Answer by Cham
I used to think the same thing until i went to therapy and also a group with people like me..I am happy I did it as I feel fantastic

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