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What Mental Disorder Supresses You Emotions to Were You Can Really Feel or Express Them?

Question by Melissa White: What mental disorder supresses you emotions to were you can really feel or express them?
Do any of ya’ll know a mental disorder that can make feel emotionless or like your blocking your feelings

Best answer:

Answer by Nom Nom Nom
Borderline Personality Disorder tends to do this but in general, this numbness can be a symptom in a number of different pathologies. It can be experienced in everything from Depression to Schizophrenia so you MUST get it diagnosed by a professional for a true reason.

It can be called Detachment, Apathy, Disassociation… Many things.

I get minor periods of disassociation in times of stress and because of Borderline Personality Disorder, tend to have a sustained numbness which then can switch to anxiety or anger, etc.

Symptoms of dissociation resulting from trauma may include depersonalization, psychological numbing, disengagement, or amnesia regarding the events of the abuse. It has been hypothesized that dissociation may provide a temporarily effective defense mechanism in cases of severe trauma; however, in the long term, dissociation is associated with decreased psychological functioning and adjustment.[24] Other symptoms sometimes found along with dissociation in victims of traumatic abuse (often referred to as “sequelae to abuse”) include anxiety, PTSD, low self-esteem, somatization, depression, chronic pain, interpersonal dysfunction, substance abuse, self-mutilation and suicidal ideation or actions.[23][24][28] These symptoms may lead the victim to erroneously present the symptoms as the source of the problem.[23]

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