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What Is the Difference Between an LP and a LCWS When Choosing Psychologists?

Question by drevangonzo: What is the difference between an LP and a LCWS when choosing psychologists?

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Answer by Nerys
Well, first of all, the first letters are LPC, for “Licensed Professional Counselor.” An LPC will usually have a master’s degree in counseling psychology, clinical psychology, or social work. The second acronym is actually LCSW, for “Licensed Clinical Social Worker.” This person will usually have a master’s degree in social work. Both the LPC and the LCSW may go by the title “psychotherapist,” but neither can use the title “psychologist.” The title of psychologist is protected, and in almost all states, a licensed psychologist must have a Ph.D. or a Psy. D. (doctorate in clinical psychology).

Both LPC’s and LCSW’s are licensed to do professional counseling and psychotherapy. However, the LPC will likely have specialized more closely in psychology, whereas the LCSW will have specialized more in social work. Social workers are often very good counselors, but their approach to counseling is often somewhat different.

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