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What Is a Simple Way to Treat “depression”?

Question by distressed: What is a simple way to treat “depression”?
I think i may have depression. I am a generally happy person, but nearly every night i just poor into tears. I have been losing weight, and unable to sleep. My grades have been slipping a little and i always feel tired. I have a normal life unfortunately i wake up i go to school i come hope i ride my bike for a little take a shower wacth tv have dinner. This happens all the time. I am lower middle class, we afford the basic needs, and sum extras but not many, if i wanna go to the movies or something i have to make the money on my own . I am 13, underweight and just seem to have lost interest in home work and such. I am nearly positive that this is depression, maybe not i would like your opinions. Also i want to know how to treat it, as i said before i am lower middle class so my family can’t really afford therapy and if i went to therapy my sisters may have to lose out. Also i don’t want to make a big deal about me having depression because people have had it much much worse. Anyway is there a way to treat it like on my own, or will it simply go away.
thats just it i don’t no why i am sad then i feel guilty for being sad for no reason.

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Answer by ?ProudOwnerOfAHymen?
Just find something that’ll make you happy, yer know?

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