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What Do You Do to Hold Onto the Memory of Your Baby Who Has Died?

Question by Aidan Lees Mommy: What do you do to hold onto the memory of your baby who has died?
There are many things a parent can do to honor their baby who has died. No matter the cause- miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, health issues, or otherwise- the impact this tiny person has on your heart and on your life will stay with you forever. There is no “getting over” the death of your child.

As bereaved parents many of us do specific things to honor our children’s memory: planting a tree or flowers, donating momentos to your local hospital for newly bereaved parents, donating books for your library on grief and loss, or even voluteering your time at a local children’s shelter…

There is no “guide book” to follow after you lose a much wanted and very loved baby, there are no “rules” for grief- no right or wrong in how you honor the child who has passed away.

Please share with us your thoughts and ideas- you may be able to help a parent who has had their heart broken and dreams shattered by this devastating loss.

What do you do to honor your baby who has died?

Best answer:

Answer by maryannramos67
i kept mines in my heart

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Grief Book – Focus for the Cure – Dr. Susan Foley Pediatrician.


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