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What Can I Do to Take My Mind Off of a Family Members Death?

by .Andi.

Question by Kalyn: What can I do to take my mind off of a family members death?
My great grandmother passed away about a week ago of cancer. After seeing her in pain, sick, slowly forgetting how to talk and then at rest in her coffin I have been trying to stay strong about it though it’s not easy to see I know I have to move on and enjoy life while I have it. I miss her and will always love her. It’s really all I can think about and i just need some ideas that would make me feel better or something to take my mind off of it for at least a little while. Any ideas?

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Answer by Lilaclily
It is very normal to feel this way. Your own body is in shock because truly, our soul never dies. Intuitively we know there is more. You will see her again, but meanwhile it is normal to grieve.

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