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Adult Adolescent and Children Counseling Center


Adult Adolescent and Children Counseling Center – Theres nothing wrong with asking for help. Thats why at the…


Court orders evaluations through one local business

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SHERIDAN — People in Sheridan County who make the mistake of driving under the influence of alcohol are sent to only one independent counselor to be evaluated for addiction and, if applicable, have a treatment plan identified. While the process …
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Fellowship: St. Ferdinand to host New Year's Eve party; Men's Ministry group's

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Christian Counseling Associates of Western Pennsylvania is a counseling center located in Crossroads Cranberry Church. It offers Christian counseling for children, adolescents and adults. They help individuals identify core issues that have contributed …
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Is a Service Dog for Aspergers Kids Called an “Emotional Therapy” Dog or Something Else?

Question by Aaaahh!: is a service dog for aspergers kids called an “emotional therapy” dog or something else?

no, the kids councelour said the dog will be protected by the “Americans With Disabilities Act” she is a very reputable (if that word works in this situation) councelour. but the dog is for a kid that cant go anyware do to “emotional stress”
the dog is going to be baught for the kid by her parents and the councelour said even though its for “emotional stress” s/he will be protected by the “Americans With Disabilities Act” but maybe this is just because we live in a different state?

Best answer:

Answer by balderdash1789
Therapy Dogs and Assistance/Service Dogs are two entirely different things. Therapy dogs are not protected by the ADA. They are allowed in areas where “pets” are not, only by certain invitation.
Service Animals are protected by the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) and are allowed anywhere, anytime, no matter what. It is a FELONY to try to discriminate a person with a service animal from any service, event or location.

Atlanta Georgia Drug Treatment Center


Atlanta Georgia Drug Treatment Center – We offer a wide variety of therapeutic programs to meet each of our client’s needs. Our customized treatment plans e…


Kentucky's response to drug epidemic is yielding some good news

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Overall, there is no reason to think the level of substance abuse in Eastern Kentucky is lower than a decade ago, said Robert Walker, with the Center for Drug and Alcohol Research at the University of Kentucky. "It's ubiquitous," he said. Brent Turner …
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Much tougher line on smokers urged by city's hospital chief

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… but signs continue to be ignored. Now, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) has called for NHS hospitals and clinics to put renewed energy into becoming completely smoke-free, creating a culture where smoking is no longer …
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How to Be Less Self-Concious and Live in the Moment?

Question by flood: How to be less self-concious and live in the moment?
About 6 years ago was the peak of my cannabis abuse. I used to smoke so much that I stopped talking to people I didn’t know, I was with a friend for 99% of that time who had no social skills what so ever. We would stay in all day, smoke weed and play computer games. A year later I went to university, I was so anxious that I stopped attending lecture and the labs. I went to my doctors and he diagnosed me as depressed and put me on Sertraline. I passed university simply by giving doctors notes about my condition and I taught myself all the material required from the internet and continued to hide from the world. I was depressed because I had no confidence in my vocal communication abilities. The anti-depressants started to make me feel better but I still wouldn’t leave my comfort zone and had later found out that what I was experiencing was social anxiety (self-diagnosis). I know that my lack of social skills is caused by not facing the world.

Lexington Drug Treatment Centers (859) 309-6774 – Drug Detox


Lexington Drug Treatment Centers (859) 309-6774 – Drug Detox – (859) 309-6774 We are Alcohol and Drug Treatment centers located in Lexington KY ready to answer all your addict…


Drug Rehab Sevierville Restructures Plans to Help More Recovering Addicts

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A variety of new treatment plans are now available at Drug Rehab Sevierville, and were created to appeal to anyone with reservations about seeking help for their problems with drugs and alcohol. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ …
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A New Drug Outreach Program Creates Hotline in Apopka

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Addicted to Video Games. Help Please?

Question by I’m Not Here: Addicted to video games. Help please?
Currently I am addicted to Modern Warfare 2 (as in I play it all night long and don’t sleep. Every night.). I need to break this addiction.
This isn’t to say that I haven’t been addicted to games before; I played WoW for 14 hours a day for a month…but I just get burned out on MMOs, and I don’t on MW2.

I play single-player games the same way, like doing every single mission and beating Fallout 3 in just 3 or 4 days. I get burned out on single-player games to, though.