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Is a Service Dog for Aspergers Kids Called an “Emotional Therapy” Dog or Something Else?

Question by Aaaahh!: is a service dog for aspergers kids called an “emotional therapy” dog or something else?

no, the kids councelour said the dog will be protected by the “Americans With Disabilities Act” she is a very reputable (if that word works in this situation) councelour. but the dog is for a kid that cant go anyware do to “emotional stress”
the dog is going to be baught for the kid by her parents and the councelour said even though its for “emotional stress” s/he will be protected by the “Americans With Disabilities Act” but maybe this is just because we live in a different state?

Best answer:

Answer by balderdash1789
Therapy Dogs and Assistance/Service Dogs are two entirely different things. Therapy dogs are not protected by the ADA. They are allowed in areas where “pets” are not, only by certain invitation.
Service Animals are protected by the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) and are allowed anywhere, anytime, no matter what. It is a FELONY to try to discriminate a person with a service animal from any service, event or location.

Children with Aspergers who have a dog can fall into either category. Paws with a Cause, an organization based in Grand Rapids, MI is a national non-profit service dog org. They have a program for Autistic children. This program creates real working Service animals, but involves a team. This involves 2 permanent caregivers and the children. The dogs are certified with the caregivers for the benefit of the child.

Anyone can take any dog and train it beautifully and get it certified through Therapy Dogs International in any state of the US and it will be a Therapy Animal. However, this does not give it the right to go anywhere, anytime.

If you wanted to have an animal at work with you, if you were a therapist or counselor of some sort, it would be a Therapy animal with you since the dog was not Your working dog. (i.e. you didn’t have the disability)

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