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Long Island Drug Rehab Centers | Rehab Facilities on Long Island


Long Island Drug Rehab Centers | Rehab Facilities on Long Island – Drug, alcohol, and prescription drugs abuse is treated at Long Island Drug Rehab Centers’s residential center in Long Island, …


Community leaders encouraged to set up 1M'sia rehab centres

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KUALA TERNGGANU: Community leaders have been encouraged to look into setting up a 1Malaysia rehabilitation centre (PR1M) at their respective areas. Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said the facility would be a convenience for …
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Did Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Make Up The Cheating Scandal For A True

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We're pretty positive rehab facilities forbid most phone use and internet access. Also, Dean told us all that he had gone into rehab for "health and personal issues" on January 23. 4. Tori gave an exclusive interview to the same tabloid magazine that …

Are the True Values of Marriages Dead?

Question by LIL ؃ƒãƒØ: Are the true values of marriages dead?
Why is it so many families these days are falling apart and divorcing?

I don’t get it?

Any ideas??
camM amazing

Best answer:

Answer by Lily
Men can’t say no to the the hot girls in the office that will drop their panties on a dime.

My idea… never live with a man before marriage, know how to use birth control (there is no such thing as an accidental pregnancy). While dating if you bf strays…. stop dating him.

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Christian Couples Counselors Jesse Melva Johnson – Christian Marriage counseling help from Beverly Hills Christian Michigan marriage counselors Jesse and Melva Johnson talk about how a husband subscriber from…


Tori Spelling Blindsided As Cheater Dean Threatens Divorce: 'He's Tired Of

Would It Be a Good Business to Set Up a Center Where Obese People Can Stay and Lose Weight?

Question by Caren: Would it be a good business to set up a center where obese people can stay and lose weight?
There must not be any of those. I’m watching a show called my life over 600 pounds,, and these people go through surgery,, (the learning channel at night)
it would be better if at least they could go to a center that limits food and requires individual excersise.
before the surgery,,, they are at home, with family giving them fattening food.

there must not be any such centers anywhere in the states
but yet, there are centers for drug rehab that you can stay for months at a time.
one lady had that surgery and stayed 3 months in a hospital (why not have centers)?
why not put them in a center for 3 months to teach them how to eat right and lose weight?
just like a drug rehab place,,, makes sense

Im Looking at Court Suggested Rehab or Jail Time,HELP…?

Question by johnsonbeth77: im looking at court suggested rehab or jail time,HELP…?
Im really looking for any information, advice, suggestions, anything that can help. I dont know much about laws or procedures..
im 17 years old, i was arrested when i was 16 for possession of marijuana and im still on probahtion for that, i got a DUI about 3 months later and those are both dealt as juvenile, last week i was arrested for possession of marijuana and now im being tried as an adult. my probation officer called today and told me that the district attorney is willing to forgive my charge with the suggestion of rehab for 30-90 days. Along with my own personal therapist im now seeing another and attending PDAP, a drug program, which i go to two nights a week for group counseling and im going to start one on one sessions tomorrow. My probation officer and counselors dont think i have a real drug problem and they are all willing to write and suggest a lesser punishment. I obviously have a problem with weed but i havent done any other drugs and im not dependent on anything.
well ive been clean for a week which isnt much but its a start. I can stop smoking with no problem and ive already gotten it out of my system..and trust me i kiss the hell out of their asses. Also all of the law authorities say that im a polite, smart(educational wise, i have all A’s and a couple B’s), and good person..i just make very dumb decisions.

Demi Lovato Supports Ke$Ha During Rehab!


Demi Lovato Supports Ke$ ha During Rehab! – Demi Lovato Supports Ke$ ha During Rehab! Subscribe to Hollywire | Send Chelsea a Tweet! | Follow Holly…


Dean McDermott, husband of Tori Spelling, enters rehab

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(CNN) — Amid rumors that he cheated on wife Tori Spelling, actor and former reality show star Dean McDermott says he's entered rehab. McDermott, who starred in "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" with his wife and their children, didn't provide …
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ABC anchor Elizabeth Vargas' return from rehab for alcoholism interests TV

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The Nielsen company said an estimated 8.3 million people saw Vargas talk about last fall's stint in rehab, putting the show among the 20 most-viewed of the week. Vargas said it took her years to admit her problem with excessive wine-drinking. She said …
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