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Im Looking at Court Suggested Rehab or Jail Time,HELP…?

Question by johnsonbeth77: im looking at court suggested rehab or jail time,HELP…?
Im really looking for any information, advice, suggestions, anything that can help. I dont know much about laws or procedures..
im 17 years old, i was arrested when i was 16 for possession of marijuana and im still on probahtion for that, i got a DUI about 3 months later and those are both dealt as juvenile, last week i was arrested for possession of marijuana and now im being tried as an adult. my probation officer called today and told me that the district attorney is willing to forgive my charge with the suggestion of rehab for 30-90 days. Along with my own personal therapist im now seeing another and attending PDAP, a drug program, which i go to two nights a week for group counseling and im going to start one on one sessions tomorrow. My probation officer and counselors dont think i have a real drug problem and they are all willing to write and suggest a lesser punishment. I obviously have a problem with weed but i havent done any other drugs and im not dependent on anything.
well ive been clean for a week which isnt much but its a start. I can stop smoking with no problem and ive already gotten it out of my system..and trust me i kiss the hell out of their asses. Also all of the law authorities say that im a polite, smart(educational wise, i have all A’s and a couple B’s), and good person..i just make very dumb decisions.

I didnt say i have a specific question, i just want any advice from someone who knows the procedures and all with these kinds of situations
well everyones trying to think of ways to not have me go to rehab and it looks like a good possibility..other than any comments on how my life is going down hill which im not looking for, can anyone give and suggestions on other things i can do to help my case, such as another kind of drug program to join or something like that?

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Answer by Cherry Blossom
Sounds like you’re a winner in the making, doesn’t it?

Anyway, what is your question? All i see is an outline of a youth’s life that is going downhill at a fast speed.

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