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Become a Drug Rehab Counselor


Become A Drug Rehab Counselor


Toronto Mayor Faces Mounting Pressure to Quit; Considers Rehab

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Ford's mother told CP24 she had told her son, "Rob, you need to smarten up a little bit," and that she had urged him to attack his weight problem and "see a counselor, do get help." She insisted, however, that Ford should not step down as long as he …


Rob Ford is out of control and a real danger to himself

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In what passes for a family intervention last week, Mother Ford told her wayward son what she expected of him: Get a driver, get an alcohol detector for the car, do something about the weight, and “yes, see a counselor”. But “not away in some rehab …
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Simply the Best Method to Stop Drinking Alcohol, How to Quit Drinking and Get Help for Alcoholism


Simply The Best Method to Stop Drinking Alcohol, how to quit drinking and get help for alcoholism – Quite simple the best method to stop drinking alcohol, Alcohol abuse video introduces a unique process to quit…


Forty assets help determine youth happiness and success

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The assets will also help prevent a child from using alcohol and drugs, from being involved with violence and gangs and from engaging in sexual activity. The 20 external assets can either be given or taken away by an adult, Yager said. That adult can …
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The face of alcoholism

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Be Well: Addiction – Television Preview


Be Well: Addiction – Television Preview – In September 2012, ideastream will present in depth, multiple media coverage that will delve into the mysterious and often misunderstood world of addiction. …


Rob Ford Should Be Sorry About His Apology

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Addiction is a struggle that can only be gone through alone. I have not been an addict, but I have had addicts as loved ones, and it doesn't matter how often they feel badly for their actions or apologize for them, in the end, an apology doesn't erase …
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Marijuana Addiction Rehab Florida (772) 337-8500


Marijuana Addiction rehab Florida (772) 337-8500 – Call 772-337-8500 New Life Addiction Treatment Center: Marijuana Addiction rehab Florida. Substance drug abuse, detox, chemical dependency, alcohol addiction…


Lamar Odom Enters Rehab For Drug And Alcohol Abuse To Hopefully Get The

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People reports that Lamar Odom has checked himself into a rehab center for drug and alcohol abuse. The source … As People points out, Lamar has confessed to drug use in the past, violating the NBA drug policies in 2001 and admitting to using marijuana.
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Rethinking Canada's approach to drugs and alcohol

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Since Liberal leader Justin Trudeau admitted to smoking pot this past summer, the issue of marijuana laws has dominated water cooler talk from coast to coast. Other politicians, including Toronto Mayor Rob Ford … At the same time, the number of …
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How to Find a Healthy AA Sponsor?

Question by cate: How to find a healthy AA sponsor?
I am just over 6mos sober & attending AA mtgs, reading the books, and have worked with a sponsor who I now think may be crazier than I am. She has pushed me to finish all the steps as fast as possible… minimizing my need to savor & chew on each step & its meaning in my life…she has been hostile toward me despite having done everything I’ve been advised to do in AA & now threatens that my sobriety is jeopardized if I stop working with her to complete the steps. The past few days I have felt more like drinking and today felt suicidal and crazy…then went to a mtg & she was there…I don’t trust her now for all the mind-games…what should I do? Thank you!

Best answer:

Truth of Addiction System – Help With Addiction


Truth Of Addiction System – Help With Addiction – – Truth Of Addiction System – Help With Addiction. Truth Of Addiction System – Help With Addiction is the Only …


Anti-Cocaine Vaccine May Be Cure For Addicts; How Does It Prevent The Drug

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"We believe this strategy is a win-win for those individuals, among the estimated 1.4 million cocaine users in the United States, who are committed to breaking their addiction to the drug. Even if a person who receives the anti-cocaine vaccine falls …


Biotie puts cocaine dependence drug into Phase II

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The Finnish drugmaker noted that an 11-week Phase II study, with funding from the US National Institute on Drug Abuse, is expected to enroll about 180 treatment-seeking cocaine-dependent subjects. The study will be conducted at 12 US clinics …
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