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How to Find a Healthy AA Sponsor?

Question by cate: How to find a healthy AA sponsor?
I am just over 6mos sober & attending AA mtgs, reading the books, and have worked with a sponsor who I now think may be crazier than I am. She has pushed me to finish all the steps as fast as possible… minimizing my need to savor & chew on each step & its meaning in my life…she has been hostile toward me despite having done everything I’ve been advised to do in AA & now threatens that my sobriety is jeopardized if I stop working with her to complete the steps. The past few days I have felt more like drinking and today felt suicidal and crazy…then went to a mtg & she was there…I don’t trust her now for all the mind-games…what should I do? Thank you!

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Answer by crazyem
I would look for a new meeting. It’d be hard to find a new sponsor while going to the same meetings she does. AA is common enough that you should be able to find another meeting.

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