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Online Therapist Chat [Online Therapist Chat]


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What Is the Difference Between an LP and a LCWS When Choosing Psychologists?

Question by drevangonzo: What is the difference between an LP and a LCWS when choosing psychologists?

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Answer by Nerys
Well, first of all, the first letters are LPC, for “Licensed Professional Counselor.” An LPC will usually have a master’s degree in counseling psychology, clinical psychology, or social work. The second acronym is actually LCSW, for “Licensed Clinical Social Worker.” This person will usually have a master’s degree in social work. Both the LPC and the LCSW may go by the title “psychotherapist,” but neither can use the title “psychologist.” The title of psychologist is protected, and in almost all states, a licensed psychologist must have a Ph.D. or a Psy. D. (doctorate in clinical psychology).

Both LPC’s and LCSW’s are licensed to do professional counseling and psychotherapy. However, the LPC will likely have specialized more closely in psychology, whereas the LCSW will have specialized more in social work. Social workers are often very good counselors, but their approach to counseling is often somewhat different.

Free Online Marriage Counseling Chat Room


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Premaritcal Prep

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Engaged couples do participate in premarital counseling of their own accord, but not as often as Davis would like. "Couples will spend thousands of dollars on the wedding day, getting the right photographer, or flowers, or venue. Yet, if you ask them …


My boyfriend of 10 years won't marry me or leave

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John says stupid things like, "If you did such-and-such, then I'd marry you." I don't believe marriage is about how much I can do … You also have children, and a separation will entail custody, visitation and child support arrangements, so you might …
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Relationship Problems [Couple Counselor]


Relationship Problems [Couple Counselor] – I’ll be glad to meet you! How does couples counseling work? Why do I keep dating the wrong person? What is wrong with me? I moved to Charlotte recently and now I feel lost and alone. Madea's Big Happy Family. Some of the most common relationship problems can be helped and corrected through couples counseling. LI 004, A Lasting Promise: A Christian Guide to Fighting for Your Marriage by Scott M. Each couples counseling retreat takes place on a 7 day nautical odyssey. Marriage offers online marriage counseling tips to those seeking help from a marriage counselor. Dr. Halford notes that as more couples meet through Web dating services, the appeal of online couples counseling may increase. Couples Counseling Tips. Fishers Couples Counseling provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. Q: How much does couples counseling cost? A: Check the Fees page for complete information about my fees, and learn how to receive a discount on prepaid session packages. Relationship Quizzes Understand yourself, others and your relationships.

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