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2. Making of “HEALING GRIEF”


2. Making of “HEALING GRIEF” – Zusammenfassung der Drehtage 4 bis 6 des Spielfilmprojekts.


Public Invited to Community, School Safety Forum on Wednesday

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Smith. "We hope that hearing from families and survivors who have moved forward from similar incidents and tragedies will help our community in its journey toward healing." "It's so important for us to share information," said Superintendent Pedro …
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The Art of Healing: "After Images" Bereavement Art Counseling Program Has a

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The "After Images" art counseling program, offered by Center for Hospice Care, is a unique program that connects its participants to their grief in a manageable way and eventually allows them to transcend it. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on …
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Grief Counselling Sutherland Shire Sydney


Grief Counselling Sutherland Shire Sydney – Ph: 0438 330 552 Grief Counselling Sutherland Shire is available by Barbara Collins who has over 20 years of counselor experience. Call today for caring, per…


Peshawar church offers counselling training after bombings

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"Still the Christian community of Peshawar is passing through a very difficult time full of grief after the blast at All Saints' Church, Peshawar," notes a spokesperson for the diocese. "They need proper comfort and counselling. The diocese has deep …
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Finding love after bereavement

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"There is always a despair in death, but what happened to Michaela McAreavey was a terrible, harrowing tragedy," says Lisa O'Hara, couples counsellor and psychotherapist with "As a nation we all felt it, knowing that John felt it …
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How Can Jesus Bring My Brother Back?

Question by turttle: How can Jesus bring my brother back?
My brother was fatally injured in a car accident Wednesday. He had been going through an exceptionally hard stretch of life. Everyone in his life had given several opportunities to receive help but he would ultimately rely on prayer and self-medication. Unfortunately this led him to drive drunk and under the influence of hard drugs, inevitably leading to his accident on Wednesday.

When I received the news that he had been found dead, and had been resuscitated after 30min, I knew he was gone. My brother died with his brain, and what little remained was a technicality holding organ donation on standby.

Anger Issues….?

Question by KaSsAnDrA: Anger issues….?
Ok, let me tell you whats going on than give me some sort of advice or whatever…
I used to have really bad anger issues, I was 12 when it started to show i’d fight with anyone and explode about just anything I mean it was the insane type of anger and finally my father got me some help and my anger eased up around the age of 14 and I felt happy and normal again. Well recently about a year ago (19 years old) my anger started to pop up again I mean I just cant control my temper I dont act out or anything anymore I just have so much rage in my head and all my thoughts are horrable. I talked to a doctor about it and he said he wanted to put me on a bunch of meds and I said what if I was just to go to a therapist or something and he said no, just take a bunch of meds and you’ll be fine. Does anyone else know what im going thru or have felt something similiar? If you need more info to answer my question better, than please ask. -Thanks

Drug Inpatient Oregon


Drug Inpatient Oregon – for 30 days of treatment – quality affordable drug inpatient treatment in Oregon. Visit or for more …


Vice President Joe Biden's niece Caroline Biden avoids jail after hitting cop

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Caroline Biden, 26, who is the niece of Vice President Joe Biden had a court date in Manhattan Criminal Court on Wednesday. She was excused from making a court appearance because she is being treated at an exclusive inpatient facility for anger issues …


Mental health startup Freedom Healthcare thinks nationally

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Freedom Healthcare aims to invest in facilities that can help the company become a national network focused on substance abuse and mental health services, including detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care.
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Sheldon Silver Appears at a Drug Treatment Clinic


Sheldon Silver appears at a Drug Treatment Clinic – Video by NYS Assembly.


Irving Treatment Center Launches Substance Abuse Program

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An Irving treatment center is launching adult and adolescent programs aimed at tackling alcohol and drug addiction which are now available through Drug Addiction Treatment Centers. According to information released from the U.S. Department of Health …
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Controversial Red Hook Drug Rehab Center Team Returns to CB6 on Wednesday

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Jonathan Greenspun, a representative for Urban Recovery House — a drug and alcohol treatment center designed to serve high-income New Yorkers for short-term care — will update the community on its efforts at Community Board 6's Youth, Human …
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