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Anger Issues….?

Question by KaSsAnDrA: Anger issues….?
Ok, let me tell you whats going on than give me some sort of advice or whatever…
I used to have really bad anger issues, I was 12 when it started to show i’d fight with anyone and explode about just anything I mean it was the insane type of anger and finally my father got me some help and my anger eased up around the age of 14 and I felt happy and normal again. Well recently about a year ago (19 years old) my anger started to pop up again I mean I just cant control my temper I dont act out or anything anymore I just have so much rage in my head and all my thoughts are horrable. I talked to a doctor about it and he said he wanted to put me on a bunch of meds and I said what if I was just to go to a therapist or something and he said no, just take a bunch of meds and you’ll be fine. Does anyone else know what im going thru or have felt something similiar? If you need more info to answer my question better, than please ask. -Thanks

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Did it ever cross your mind that the doctor could be wright?

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