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Developing and Maintaining a List of Referral Resources With Jason Hays


Developing and Maintaining a List of Referral Resources with Jason Hays – In this Caring Clergy video, Pastoral Counselor Jason Hays talks about how clergy can develop a list of mental health professionals who can help their congre…


The Rise of the Ruvo

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The Ruvo Center takes new patients through self-referral or patient referral, and among the insurance plans accepted are Anthem BCBS, Cigna Healthcare, Health Plan of Nevada, Sierra Health Care Options, Sierra Health and Life, and United Healthcare …
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The new [and not so new] faces of SMRC

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Gonzales worked as SMRC's cultural outreach coordinator for nearly eight years, bringing together the Hispanic community with events, education and outreach, and providing clients with everything from translation to counseling and referral. She left in …
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Are the “Hell Houses” Evangelical Christians Have on Halloween Psychological Abuse?

Question by The Solitary Pagan: Are the “Hell Houses” Evangelical Christians have on Halloween psychological abuse?

Best answer:

Answer by Old Man from Scene 24
Evangelicalism is psychological abuse. Why did you think they would respect your religious day and be different on one night per year?

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University Health Center warns against mixing alcohol with ADHD

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“We're starting to see lots of scary stories online and we're starting to talk to young people with very negative experiences on ADHD medication and alcohol,” said Duke Engel, an alcohol and drug abuse counselor with Counseling and Psychological …
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HONG: Debt and the Yale student

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In Recovery for Anorexia. HELP:(?

Question by EllaBELLA: In recovery for anorexia. HELP:(?
15 years 5’4 1/2
currently, 41 kilos

Okay so around 5 months ago I became ‘anorexic’ seems silly because I never thought I had strong issues about my weight but I obviously did and I defiantly do now. I was around 49 kilos before anorexia and in my lowest point it had dropped to 39 kilos which was 5 weeks ago since then i’ve put on 2 kilos. I hate that i’ve put on so much but they force me to eat! If i don’t eat they say they’ll send me to Cambridge, i’ve already spent a month in hospital which was horrible and I don’t want to go into Cambridge! No one understands I use to have half a can of soup a day and now I have a huge meal plan which consists of..

I Want a Job Counseling People?

Question by sephia: I want a job counseling people?
My career counselor doesn’t know what filed I should enter. I know that, at minimum, I will need to get a Masters. But in what????

But first I must start with a undergrad program.

Should I enter Psychology or Social Work?

But I am confused because everyone keeps telling me that getting degree in Psychology is worthless. I have even heard people tell me that a master’s degree in Psychology is worthless. What do you think?

Best answer:

Answer by Lisa
What kind of counseling do you want to do? My aunt is a psychology bs/ma, and she works at an elementary school working with kids.

I have a friend who went into social work, and her job is more about helping families who have had problems get back on track.

Michael’s House Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center and Rehab Re-Dedication


Michael’s House Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center and Rehab Re-Dedication – Watch Alan Downs and Arlene Rosen comment on the re-dedication of Michael’s House drug and alcohol treatment center with detox and rehab programs. Dr. Alan D…


Budget cuts target residential addiction treatment centers

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Budget cuts in residential substance abuse treatment would cost the state more over the long term, according to mental health professionals and addicts. A legislative subcommittee has proposed a $ 2.04 million reduction to inpatient programs that treat …
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Crystal Martin


Crystal Martin – Graduate Student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at Siena Heights University.


Women find success with Prestera program

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While Prestera is involved in treating various mental health issues, its addiction program is so varied and comprehensive it's hard to describe. Medically supervised detoxification, intensive inpatient and outpatient services are offered as well as …
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Mental health issues worsen during exams

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Mental health services have undergone expansion, thanks to a 10-year, $ 5 million investment allotted last year to the health and counseling centers aimed at bringing more mental health professionals on board to address a growing demand for services …
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