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In Recovery for Anorexia. HELP:(?

Question by EllaBELLA: In recovery for anorexia. HELP:(?
15 years 5’4 1/2
currently, 41 kilos

Okay so around 5 months ago I became ‘anorexic’ seems silly because I never thought I had strong issues about my weight but I obviously did and I defiantly do now. I was around 49 kilos before anorexia and in my lowest point it had dropped to 39 kilos which was 5 weeks ago since then i’ve put on 2 kilos. I hate that i’ve put on so much but they force me to eat! If i don’t eat they say they’ll send me to Cambridge, i’ve already spent a month in hospital which was horrible and I don’t want to go into Cambridge! No one understands I use to have half a can of soup a day and now I have a huge meal plan which consists of..

2 pieces of toast with butter and jam
1 cup of cereal and 150ml milk
and 200ml juice

Cereal bar and drink

2 buttered slices of bread, filling

OR 3 buttered bread and snack

200ml milk
2 biscuits

Meal with carbs
+ 200cal DESSERT

200ml milk and two biscuits

Its so much, I haven’t had any psychological help so I find it so so hard. I’v even started to have panic attacks. I need help from someone who understands..
Has anyone had to go through with something similar? Any helpful advice? Please answer..

Best answer:

Answer by Amin K
Try to make an appointment with a mental health specialist such as a psychologist. That person would not be able to prescribe medication, but would be able to provide treatment in the form of “talk therapy”. The psychologist would help you to recognize the triggers which cause you to suffer from anorexia and what to do when you find yourself experiencing it before it becomes so severe that you might be placed in Cambridge.

Do ask for a referral to the professional in which you will be able to obtain this treatment. You will be surprised just how much them are able to help you work hand in hand with the mental health professionals you are currently being treated by and the success that you will be able to obtain.

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Movie on 2013 11 25 at 12 10 – Anorexia Therapy Session Canisius College.